well its a story about a girl called erin and louis!! might of took some ideas but its cause they are really good!!


2. chap 2

ever since they came on iduvidualy on the xfactor stage me and el loved them. we both love louis william tomlinson

2 years later
louis and el had been going out for 2 months now and i cant lie i was jealous but i didnt show it cause i was going out with zayn.

we all got ready to go to the beach in westen super mare for a picnic liam took danielle and louis took el and i went with zayn.
Everyone went in the sea except for me and zayn cause zayn couldnt swim. all me and zayn did was talk for a while but then all of a sudden he said
'Erin i love you!'
i was in complete shock and said it back i loved him so much but not as much as louis and yes i do feel bad but i cant say my feelings out aloud i havent even told el but i no i should.
after everyone had a swim we all had food and talked for a while but then it started getting dark and i went back with zayn to his house.
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