Hogwarts 4 Ever

**Warning may contain swearing. Haven't decided yet**
{////////// } 75% COMPLETE. STILL LOADING.



1. WHAT!!!!!!!!

Narrators p.o.v

As she sat there the letter in her hand soaking wet and frozen to the doorstep she cursed her luck. Why her she thought. It just had to start bloody raining didn't it.  Now your probably wondering why she was on the doorstep and not inside the lovely warm house. Well basically her parents had gone out for the day and as she left the house because she thought she had heard a knock on the door.  When this letter floated down to her feet and a barn owl flew away. Just before she picked it up the door slammed in her face. Her day going form bad to worse. Now this girls name is Sliver Cloud. Yes what an ironic name right as in every cloud has a silver lining. Well at this moment Silver was finding it incredibly difficult to see the bright side of things. She had yet to open the letter for fear of it being the end of year report. Her parents were going to kill her. The reason for this being that over one week she had filled a girls desk with custard, put a frog on her teachers head, poured a whole jar of glitter over someone (this has actually happened to me) and then finally blown up a classroom. Lets just say she wasn't very optimistic of the outcome.

Silvers p.o.v

My parents got back 2 freaking hours later. One look at the letter in her hand and my mother fainted and my father went very very pale. What is my mother fainting for. That should be me fainting not her its not as if they were locked outside in the pouring rain with NO FOOD. He picked my mother up and opened the door. Then he told me to go to my room and not come out until they say. They didn't even bother to let me get any food. I HADN'T EATEN FOR 7 HOURS!!! oh well I thought could be worse. I could drowning, being eaten by alligators or crocodiles or both. I mean seriously what is the difference between them, Anyone want to tell me. No. Just as I was in the middle of talking to myself my father and mother came in. They said I was a.......................................



one of my first stories hope you enjoy. Give me suggestions on what you want to happen.

Also tell me what you think she is.

It can be anything e.g. werewolf, wizard, teddy bear, A duck, a boy, adopted, Voldemort. Your choice

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