Jess Fether, a 15 year old girl. When her best friend moves to America during year 11, Jess is determined to make new friends. But when she's rejected and bullied will this incident drive her over the edge to suicide?


1. School.

Jess woke rubbing her eyes and yawning, she climbed out off bed in her pjs. Unfortunatly she had to go back to school today, on the good side she would spend her day with her best friend, Lola. Jess went to the bathroom to have a shower then got dressed. It was 7:00am so she had to hurry, she ran to the bus stop and sat down. Then Lola came up to her. "Jess!" Lola called, "Lola! How are you? I missed you so much! How was your trip to America?" Jess shouted out not thinking anyone else would hear. "Yeah about that Jess, I got something to tell you..." Lola said dissapointed. Just at that moment the bus came, Jess and Lola hopped onto the bus. They decided to sit on the top row of seats. " So what were you saying Lol?" Jess asked. "" She gave a sigh "Nothing" Lola mumbled. Jess turned to face Lola, " You can talk to me about anything you know right? Your my best friend, my sister, I wouldn't want anything to stop you from telling me anything." " I know." Lola replied quickly then turned to face the window.

Lola was beutiful, she had dark brown hair in a bob, with green eyes. She liked to wear the colour purple everyday. But today she wore blue jeans with a green top, covered by a brown cardegan. Lola also had a classy orange handbag over her shoulder. Jess on the other hand wasn't the prettiest person ever but not the ugliest either. She wore brown trousers with a orange and brown flower patterned vest top with a brown cardigan attatched to it. Jess had matty light brown hair, that was constantly tied up or up in a bun.


The bus finnally arrived near Bennet High School, the only school for miles that didn't have a head teacher so nobody in school wore the old uniform, except from a couple of school council members who thought it was disrespectful to the school.

" So..." Jess was about to finish her sentence but then someone butted in. Jess and Lola turned around to look at who had so rudely invited themselves to join in with the convosation. It was Brittany Charlston, the rudest and most fake girl in the whole of school.

" So...You're still here then Lols" Brittany hissed the way she said it felt like it had just poisoned everyone within a mile of her. " You seem surprised?" Jess asked. " Oh! So Lola BFFs forever ay? Looks like it from where i'm standing not even telling your so called "Freind" your big secret? Ha! Don't you just love a show?" Brittany came close to Jess's face staring into her eyes, searching for another way to hurt her. " Wha What they talking about Lol?" Jess asked puzzled. Lola hesitated before saying " Nothing, come on let's go." She turned to walk away but stoped. " Lola! What happened to telling eachother everything?" Jess asked nervously. " Can I talk to you in private?" Lola asked. " I guess." Jess mumbled. " Girls! Don't you just love a show?" Brittany called out to her peers but meaning for Jess and Lola to hear which by this time they were already walking down the corridor to the toliets. They entered. Lola turned round to face Jess.


Lola took a deep breath before saying " I'm moving to America." Lola's eyes filled with tears, she burst out crying and fell to the ground but before she could Jess caught her. " I didn't want to hurt your feelings, I wanted to enjoy my last day with you." Lola managed to through out her mouth before bursting back into tears. Jess stood Lola up and took another look at her. " Remember no matter how.." Lola joined in too saying " Far or how hot, cold, low, high or even ill you are we will always be together." They both looked at eachother and smiled. Then they both burst back int tears.

Jess's best friend who she had known since primary was now leaving her in the middle of year 11 to go and live in America. She was happy for Lola ofcourse, but couldn't help think that Lola was the only friend she had. Jess was always bullied but Lola always stuck up for Jess and stood by her even if she was wrong.

Jess would have to move on.......

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