Jess Fether, a 15 year old girl. When her best friend moves to America during year 11, Jess is determined to make new friends. But when she's rejected and bullied will this incident drive her over the edge to suicide?


3. Knowing.

Jess walked into school the next day. She wore the same thing as yesterday, once again. As she walked in she looked around and saw herself and Lola in the same places they used to be. " Loser! " She heard someone shout. " Well, except from being a pathetic loser who has no friends or respect how are you? " " What do you think? " Jess replied. Jess stopped walking then turned around to look at the girl insulting her. It was Brittany. " Don't get rude with me, I know how your feeling" Jess looked at her, she didn't believe a word. Brittany started to talk, as she circled Jess like a predator pouncing on it's pray. " Lonely, trapped in a cruel world, depressed that your best friend left you. " Brittany smiled at her friends, Jess knew what was coming, she tensed her stomach muscles, shut her eyes and waited. 


" And of-course how could we forget, your name. " One punch to the belly, which sent Jess crashing against the lockers. She didn't open her eyes and stayed tensed waiting for the next one. Brittany and her friends circled her, making sure she couldn't run. " Big, " A punch in the eye, " Fat " Another in the arm from one of Brittany's friends. " Loser! " The hardest punch went to the stomach, sending Jess to the floor. 


Jess sat there huddled against the locker, squeezing her knees against her to protect her body. Everyone in the hallway was looking at Jess. Some were whispering about how pathetic she was and others laughing at her. Brittany then turned around to the crowed and announced, " Everyone! Jess, the loser, her best friend left her. " There was a sarcastic "ahhhhh" in the crowed. Brittany turned back to Jess smiled and kicked her as hard as she could in the ribs. She then bent down, " And she will never come back for you. " Brittany walked away, the crowed cleared, leaving Jess all alone, in pain and despair.


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