Jess Fether, a 15 year old girl. When her best friend moves to America during year 11, Jess is determined to make new friends. But when she's rejected and bullied will this incident drive her over the edge to suicide?


4. Communication Class.

Jess walked in to class, ten minutes late. Brittany was sitting at the back, with her boyfriend. " Jess Fether! " There was a chuckle from the class. " Where have you been? " Mr Parking, a mid-forty man, he taught many of Jess's subjects. Jess hurried to her seat, ignoring the fact she was a row infront of Brittany. " Answer me before I send you out this class " " Sorry sir, I was... " " She, Mr Parking was sitting in the toliets, crying." Everyone started laughing, since they knew what had happened in the corridor. 


" Brittany, Jess, I will see you two at lunch. " Brittany stood up, slamming her hands on the table. " Sir!? I'm not coming to a detention with that pig." She pointed at Jess, another chuckle from the class. " No excuses! " 


" Now, today for the next two weeks. We will be doing a communication skills task. You will be put into couples, you will have to look after a plastic child toy, made to act like a real baby. You will have to look after it for a week, in that time you will feed, clean and care for it." 


" The team sheet is being passed around now, look for your name and go to your partner, there are no discussions and no changing couples! " Jess's heart was beating as fast as it could, while it was being passed back to the row in front.  It got to Brittany, she looked at the sheet, her mouth opened, she turned round to look at Jess. " You selfish cow! " Jess had no idea what was happening, didn't have much thought. She lunged herself at Jess, hands clawing her face. The class cheered the fight on. Jess tried to keep her off. " What have I done!? " Jess tried to scream. " Your partner! " Brittany let go to take a breather. " Your a bitch! " Brittany screamed.


Class had finished, Jess and Brittany were taken to the principals office. " You girls are in serious trouble." He said. The girls just sat there and said nothing. 


Jess was standing at the notice board looking at the partners. Jess was paired up with a guy called Jack, he was the hottest boy in school. Brittany's ex who she went out with every week. Jess had butterflies, although she told herself she didn't like him, she couldn't help but feel glad she was with him. After Lola leaving, a boy might take her mind off things, and it wasn't too bad, after all, to her and everyone else, Jack's the hottest boy in school. 

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