This is a fanfiction about one direction. Comments and criticism welcome!

Priyanka Nachane has always struggled to be the singer she wants to be. So what happens when she has a little run in with one direction? Read and you will see lovelies...


2. We meet them...

As we pulled up in the parking lot, we were all singing Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. We all got our stuff, and got out of the car, still singing. We went inside the center and saw that most of the seats had already been filled up. We grabbed our seats and enjoyed the concert. My favorite song was Rock Me. After the concert, we went to our car. Izzy got in, and started the car. 

"Fuck!" she screamed.

"What's up?" I asked.

"This truck won't start!" she said, getting out and kicking it furiously. 

I threw my hands in the air and cursed loudly.

Suddenly, there was another voice, and it was male.

"Are you okay?" asked the voice. It was British. 

We all turned around and saw the one... the only... One Direction. 

We stood there, goggling at the beautiful boys in front of us. I then found my voice. 

"Hey, our stupid car broke down.'' I said, blushing and looking down. 

"Oh well that sucks." said Liam, looking at Izzy. 

I felt someones eyes on me, and I slowly turned my head and saw Niall Horan looking at me intently. I looked back and smiled at him slowly. We kept looking at each other until we someone, cleared their throat loudly. I was snapped out of my daze, and it seemed like Niall was too. 

"You can stay with us for the night." offered Harry kindly. "Just until your car works." 

"Sure!" said and eager Emma. 

I grinned and called my mom, making sure she wouldn't be worried. I put my phone down and saw Niall walking towards me. He stopped and smiled. 

"Hi." he said, smiling. 

"Hey, so I guess we are staying together, huh?" I said loudly. 

"Yup..." he grinned. 

We started the walk to their limo and I saw Izzy talking to Liam. I smiled. Niall kept close to me this whole time, and I smiled at him. We then filed into the limo, one by one. 


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