Too modern times

The little tramp goes on a strange adventure and ends up in a strange land which he isn't comfortable with. It is very short (like the comedian) and it's rather sweet.


3. The Storm – some say a bother but to others it is evidence

     A storm began brewing behind them; Alida drove rapidly over a bump in the road with such force the little tramp almost flew off the bike. He let go of his hat and grabbed onto Alida with both hands. His bowler hat spun off his head and flew into the storm like a frisbee, he looked back thankful that it wasn't him.                  

      Finally they arrived at a basic looking house, to the little tramp it looked like home. She unlocked the door and hurried inside. His curly hair was now matted to his head because of the rain, Alida took off her helmet and her hair fell like she never went outside. The little fellow smiled at her, admiring her. "I'm going to get changed" she smiled and then left the room.

 He finally had the chance to calmly investigate these modern times. He waddled over to a little silver box in the corner, he pressed a button. All of sudden music poured out of it, he jumped and ran to the other side of the room. "Don't, let, go, never give up it’s such a wonderful life" he edged closer to the box. The noise was deafening however somewhat inspirational. Alida came back down the stairs wearing her skinny jeans and a blouse, this outfit was a nice confusion for him, he went to tip his hat as a way of saying that he approved: he then remember it was no longer with him.

"Woah, is that loud enough for you?"

He held his ears and asked for assistance to turn it down.

 She helped him out and then slumped on the sofa. "Where are you from?" Alida rubbed her eyes - it had been a stressful day.

 He answered quickly then sat next to her,

“So you're local then?"

He let out a moan and shook his head.

“Don’t worry about your hat” she smiled “I’m sure it will turn up again, this world is a strange place full of mysteries”

 He then went on to explain his confusing predicament.

“You're funny, I hope you are if not you're not -you're nuts!" she laughed.

He threw himself on the arm of the sofa, he couldn't handle this, and tears filled his eyes. Yet again he brushed it off him.  He then told her that he was joking and he'd like to go to bed if that would be okay.

"Sure, it's 9.00 but you must be tired. Your room is the second on the right" she smiled and slouched on the sofa a bit more.          

        He was soon ready for bed, even a simple room like the bedroom looked surreal. He wriggled his way into bed and once again -he was in the sandman's arms, he wasn’t sure how all this had happened; he preferred the idea that things had dramatically changed overnight than what the reality was.  His eyelids were getting heavier but his thoughts forced them to open again and again until finally he forced them shut as a way to hide from reality.  It was a strange event, it reminded the little fellow of something which he might see in a Buster Keaton film, of cause he hadn’t seen many lately because of his poverty but he used to enjoy them.  He was most thankful for the way Alida had treated him, he only wished that she was a bit more understanding with his predicament however he knew that would be asking too much. His stomach rumbled, speaking of asking too much he fought his fatigue and got out of bed.  The stairs creaked as he tiptoed down them. Alida was there reading some book, he did not care which book – it was the way she read it. The way her black hair swayed with every tiny movement, her eyes – chasing every word.  He didn’t want to disturb her but he was given no other choice, his stomach rumbled again. He tapped her on the shoulder and apologised for the cheekiness of the matter but he was famished.

“Ooh why didn’t you say something? What would you like? I have bacon, do you like bacon?”

He nodded and told her that he hadn’t the time to be fussy.

“Bacon it is then”

      The meal was the best he’d had since….well a long time ago. He smiled and thanked her; he was defiantly ready for bed now.  He told her how he could get used to this, he meant the era but he knew he couldn’t express himself fully about his predicament yet again; besides – he needed breakfast.

“Well I don’t mind if you stay a little longer, we could get you suited up tomorrow, how long have you had those trousers?”

He assured her, it had been awhile. He couldn’t find the words to express his happiness about he plans, he just smiled and skipped about for a while.

“You do make me laugh” she giggled “I didn’t think anyone wore ‘long johns’ anymore – other than my granddad” she carefully folded her washing up ready for ironing tomorrow.

He smiled, and said goodnight and promised her that she will not hear from him again tonight.

“It’s quite alright, you’re nice company, tell me how old are you?” her looked followed him upstairs.

He stopped on the stairs and turned to face her on the bottom step, he replied with a snap but it was polite.

“43? Wow you’re 19 years older than me, you could be my dad!” she said with utter content however it did not feel like a compliment. “Sorry I didn’t mean to cause offence” she smiled.

He assured her that he wasn’t offended and waddled back to bed.

      As he stumbled back into bed, the room looked much friendlier. He felt at home, he felt welcomed too. He smiled and closed his eyes; Alida was a nice girl, sweet like honey and ….and …sleepy….sssssleepy…sssslee…..ssss…sssssir… sir.

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