Too modern times

The little tramp goes on a strange adventure and ends up in a strange land which he isn't comfortable with. It is very short (like the comedian) and it's rather sweet.


4. The ending- or could it be a beginning to yet another story?

       "Sir, excuse me sir but you can't be here, no seriously I can't afford to get the can" the young man stood in front of him once again but this time he had reconsidered his outfit. The little fellow looked around, the theatre looked like it should, the little tramp went ahead and asked the young man the date "it's the 29th of August 1932, why do ask you crazy tramp?" The little fellow jumped in the air out of excitement, he then explained to the young man his peculiar dream. "That's one weird dream but snoozing will not get you out of these troubles" the little fellow laughed and burst into song because after all, it's such a wonderful life.

                 He was soon thrown out of the theatre and he retired to the streets. He then stopped in front of a bookshop he knew too well. He looked inside and sure enough there she was. Her black hair draped itself all the way down her back, her movements were subtle however elegant. He smiled once more. He stepped towards the door and gently pushed it open. The clouds rumbled and his bowler hat fell from the sky and landed in front of his feet. He smiled to himself, put the hat back on his head and waddled towards the counter.

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