I Loved You At Your Darkest

Skye is the new girl at school. Her parents are always moving to new places. They said this one was permenent though.... Cheshire, England. She wears small and tight fitted clothes. Her parents don't pay much attention to her, so they don't care what she wears. She doesn't know anybody in school. Sitting in class one day, she had her book up to her face.... Until a curly haired boy with peircings and tattoos pushes the book and down so they can meet. Both of them being badasses and uninnocent teens, they are both teases.. So what's happens?


1. New School, New Life


I'm Skye. I am 18 years old, and I live in New York... Well I used to. I'm a Senior. Yesterday, we moved here. Cheshire, England. New school; new life. Like starting all over again, right? Yeah. It's always been like that. It's always been about my father. He's a photographer, so we have moved alot in the past months. He said that this move would be permanent. I don't understand how though, I've heard it all before. I'm not a daddy's girl. I'm anything but that. My parents are all fuzzy and think I'm this cute, little, innocent girl. Nope. I have a hidden tattoo under my right boob. I smoke every now and then; I drink every now and then. I get perfect grades, though. The grade perfection is how I manage to hide all my punk side, and make my parents think I'm the perfect child. Little do they know, I'm not. Far from it.
I awoke that morning to the noise of my alarm clock. 6:00 a.m. I pushed the sleep button, but in comes my mom.
"Wake up, sweetie! New day, new school. You needa start gettin' ready!" she basically yelled in my face. I just shrugged it off. I found myself walking to the bathroom, to start getting ready...
I'm kind of nervous. I'm wearing a "Hipsta Please" black shirt, with sneaks and white skinny jeans. I walked to my locker, recieving tons of glares on the way. I grabbed my English stuff out of my locker, and went to first period. English.
We were told to have a free day, since it was Monday. Right after a break. One rule though: We needed to be productive. I picked up my book. You may not know this, but I like to read. It takes my mind off things, and shows my to a place I can call my own. Something I don't get often.
I saw someones fingers pushing the book away from my face. I looked up, and there sat a perfectly comprehended curly haired guy. He had his ears peirced, gauges. Sexy. His lips fit perfectly onto his face. Don't even get me started on his perfect green eyes. He stared at me for a moment and then said,
"Hey, I'm Harry." and he held out his right hand.
I grabbed it and shook it. I just smiled, a small smile. He continued,
"What's your name? I've never seen you here before."
I replied,
"I just moved here two days ago. Oh, and I'm Skye."
He smiled and said,
"I like your shirt." Oh my god. He had such a raspy dark voice. At least somebody talked to me today. And it was only first hour? Wow.
"Thanks, I like your piercings." I said back, kind of quiet.
He's very cute, and fit, if I may add. I already have a crush on him.
He blinked and said,
"Thanks, I got them done a few months ago. Still trying to get used to them." and he laughed,
".. I don't adjust to things very easily."
I chuckled,
"Neither do I. They look nice." and then smiled again.
"Hey, uh.. Do you have any plans for lunch yet?" he asked.
I got funny and said, "Yeah." and he sort of frowned.
He said,
And I finished what I was saying,
"I'm planning on eating."
This made him laugh,
"So you're a sassy one too? Cute." and he turned around.
I sat there puzzled. I winced at what he said. He thought I was... Cute?


The bell rang. I got up and put everything in my bag. As I was walking out the door, someone grabbed my arm and I spun around to face them. It was Harry.

"What are you doing?" I asked him, kind of scared.

He let go of my arm, "Hey, beautiful."

I winced, "Don't touch me again."

"I-I'm sorry." He studdered. I walked away from him and headed for my locker. I didn't look back.




I was trying to find a table to sit at, I hadn't made any friends yet.. Well kind of. Only Harry, and he's already hurt me. So I guess its whatever.

"Skye! Skye, over here!" I heard someone yelling. I turned around it was Harry. I started walking over.. There were about five guys at his table. Great, I'm going to be known as a slut. First day here, and I'm already sitting with five guys. Once I sat down, Harry said,

"Hey." and I just looked at him. Did he forget what happened earlier?

He continued, "This is Zayn, Liam, Louis.." while he pointed to them,and then the last one, ".. and Niall."

"I'm Skye." and I shook their hands.

Niall winked and smiled at me, "Nice to meet you, love."

I smiled and sat back down next to Harry.

"Um, Skye?" Harry whispered to me, "I'm so sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to hurt you. I just..."

I looked at his eyes and lips, "Just what?"

"I couldn't just let a beautiful girl like you walk away, knowing we may only see eachother first hour." and he had a serious look on his face.

"It's okay.." I said quietly.

He said, "No it's not. I hurt your arm.. I can't cope with it."

"Is there something you're trying to tell me, Harry?" I asked him.

He replied, "I'm just trying to figure you out."

I chuckled, "That's not such an easy task to do for me, Haz." and punched his arm, playfully.

"Haz?" He said, "Tease."

Had he just called me a tease? We both laughed, and looked back at the others you seemed to be in a conversation. Except for Niall. He just stared at me.. What had I done to him? Does he like me? My thoughts were cut off by the bell. Thank god. But as I was walking away, Niall walked up to me.

I asked him, "Why don't you like me? Did I do something?"

He looked at me suprised, "You haven't noticed?" He asked, then put his lips to my ear and whispered, "You're gorgeous, Skye. Why wouldn't I like you?" and that sent me shivers. He left my ear and walked away, leaving me there.. Shocked.

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