Never fall for a bad boy

I was your odinary, fun, bubbly type of girl. I was friends with the most poplar girl in school and i always had friends around me, you could say i was pretty popular myself. The boys thought i was pretty and i had dated some but then one day i caught his eye and he would go to all lengths for me to love him...

The boys in this are not famous and have diffrent sides to them.


5. Chapter 5

When we got to zayns he pushed me up against the wall and we started making out, i admit i was taken aback at how full on Zayn was. His parents were out so we were alone.

"ive been dreaming about this moment for ages" zayn said out of breath.

"yeah?" i questioned back

"yeah babe your amazing" zayn said back. I really liked Zayn and i was starting to fall for him alot and by the sounds of things he was feeling the same way.

"cherry, you know i really like you, and i want to be more than just friends" zayn said quite shyly. He was so cute.

"yeah ive been feeling the same way" i said back. He got up and kissed me on the lips and said "great then i guess youre now my girlfriend"

"yeah i guess so" i replied back. After that we went up to his room and played video games, ate, and made out. We talked about everything and he was such n amazing person. I fell asleep in his arms at about 3 in the morning.


I woke up to the sound of Zayn singing. He was amazing. It was now Sunday and we both had school the next day. I got changed into my dress and zayn gave me one of his jumpers.

"why do you have to leave babyyyy, i want you to stayyyyy" he said pounting

"one my mum will be worried and two i have stuff to do" i replied back. He looked sad so i skipped over to him and gave him a cuddle.

"you look hot in my clothes and go now before i change my mind" he said. I got to the door and i was about to leave before we kissed again. I walked out the door and he was standing watching me walk away he was leaning against the door frame. He looked like a model, he had plaid jammie bottoms on and a white vest top. He waved and went inside.

When i got home i skipped into the kitchin. My parents were both standing in the kitchin making lunch.

"where have you been missy" my dad said, he didnt sound angry and he was smiling so i was not in trouble.

"i stayed at my friends after the party and my phone ran out of charge" i said putting my best soppy voice on.

"aw thats alright













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