Never fall for a bad boy

I was your odinary, fun, bubbly type of girl. I was friends with the most poplar girl in school and i always had friends around me, you could say i was pretty popular myself. The boys thought i was pretty and i had dated some but then one day i caught his eye and he would go to all lengths for me to love him...

The boys in this are not famous and have diffrent sides to them.


4. Chapter 4

The party had officially started and there must of been about 200 people here. I hadnt seen Ashley, Imogen or Poppy yet and i had been here for about an hour. Zayn had finished about 4 beers and was getting pretty drunk. He was introducing me to so many new peopleand everytime one of the boys hugged me he'd tense up.

After about anhour and a half Zayn was drunk. He kept touching me up and i admitt it i let him. He dragged me on to the dance floor and we danced i grinded against him while he moved slightly. He was turned on and i knew exctly how to turn him on even more. I dragged him into the hall into the corner and he pushed me against the wall. He leaned in and i let him We kissed for about 5 minutes and it was amazing!

When we pulled out the kiss someone was shouting TRUTH OR DARE! Yay my favourite game. Me and Zayn sorted ourselves out and walked through everyone was sitting in a massive circle. I sat next to Zayn and this other blonde girl. The game started, most people had to do some weird stuf. The next turn it landed on Harry and he chose dare. The person telling Harry what to do was Louis.

"Harry i dare you to have 5 minutes of heaven with um CHERRY!" Louis laughed. Uh on not me nooo. I mean Harry was hot but after that kiss with Zayn i was startig to have feelings for him. I turned to look at Zayn he looked so angry.

"Zayn i dont have to if you dont want me too" i said, i was upset.

"no go, but dont do anything too serious" he said looking serious, then he added "I will just have to punish you later".

"Okay i guess i shoul go" i said, i stood up and Harry walked over and took my hand. We walked upstairs to one of the rooms that werent occupied. As soon as Harry had shut the door he ran over to me pushed me down on the bed

"I have been waiting for this moment for ages babe" he said smirking before he leant in.

After 5 minutes i had a row of lovebites goin down my neck and my hair was all messy. We hadnt done anything but kissed but he was violent. We walked downstairs and when we walked back in the room i ran over to Zayn and fell in his arms. He wrapped me up in them and i felt sfe. Harry ws staring but i didnt care.

The game started again and this time the bottle landed on Zayn. Great nowhe was gonna have to make out with someone. The person giving the dare was Ryan Davis, Ashleys date.

"Um i dare you to spend the night alone with Cherry and do stuff" he blurted out. Omg this is gonna be so awkward. Zayn looked pretty happy and he picked me up bridal style and said

"Bye folks, me and cherry are leaving we have some stuff to do" and we walked out. He plonked me in the car and we drove off to his house.

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