Never fall for a bad boy

I was your odinary, fun, bubbly type of girl. I was friends with the most poplar girl in school and i always had friends around me, you could say i was pretty popular myself. The boys thought i was pretty and i had dated some but then one day i caught his eye and he would go to all lengths for me to love him...

The boys in this are not famous and have diffrent sides to them.


3. Chapter 3

The next couple of days were spent with gossip and excitement for the party. Ashley is now going with Ryan Davis head of football and Imogen and Poppy are going together as friends.

It is now Friday and we are on our way to the mall, me and Zayn have hardly spoken all week and i havent seen him at all. We arrived at the mall and ran to topsop. We grabbed so much! We tried on what we liked best and by the end we all had an outfit. Ashley had chosen a flowery bodycon and was gonna wear her black heels, Imogen had chosen a navy spotty bodycon and had bought red heels to match it went nicely with her brown hair and Poppy had chosen a pink skater dress and nude heels to go with it.

I loved my outfit i had a red sparkly bodycon which went low at the back and higher at the front, i had chosen my black wedges with the cool pattern on the front and i had bought a new necklace. Hopefully Zayn like it!

After our massive shopping spree we walked to Starbucks and got lunch. We all had paninis and for a drink a creme cooler. When we had done we all went our seperate ways and went home. When i got home i texted Zayn saying i had got an outfit. He didnt reply.

That night i went to bed quite early so i would look good in the morning. I woke up at about 9 the next day and relaced until 12. At 1 i went out for lunch with my mum and she bought me new clothes. At 3 we went home and i started getting ready.

I had a shower, did my hair in its waves, did my makeup (smoky eyes and plain everywhere else) and i put my dress on. At 6:30 i was completely ready. My dad wanted a picture with me and he set it as his lock screen he was so cute. I put a picture of just me in my dress on instagram and got 100 likes in 12 minutes. At exactly 7.00 the doorbell rang and i quickly got the door. Outside was Zayn in black skinny jeans, red blazers and a white shirt with a blazer he looked amazing. I said goodbye to my parents and me and Zayn walked to his car hand in hand. When we got in his car he leant over and kissed me on the cheek

"youre are so fucking hot" he said. I blushed and he noticed. "and extremely cute aswell" he added.

"thanks Malik youre not to bad yourselve" i said laughing. He started the car and we spoke all the way there. He was such an amazing guy. We arrived after 10 minutes and he parked upfront. There was alot of cars and seemed there was gonna be more people inside. We got out the car and walked hand in hand to the door, we just walked in and were instantly hit by the smell of alcohol and many other things. We walked to the kitchin where Matt was standing Zayn walked up and gave him a hug then introduced me. "hey hotstuff" matt said then kissed my hand. I saw Zayn tense up but he saw me watching so he smiled. He grabbed a beer and handed me one too. I had a feeling tonight was gonne be messy.

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