Never fall for a bad boy

I was your odinary, fun, bubbly type of girl. I was friends with the most poplar girl in school and i always had friends around me, you could say i was pretty popular myself. The boys thought i was pretty and i had dated some but then one day i caught his eye and he would go to all lengths for me to love him...

The boys in this are not famous and have diffrent sides to them.


2. Chapter 2

As i left the lunch hall i felt someone grab my back. I turned around to see zayn, his face wasnt to badly beaten up just a cut lip and a bruise on his cheek. I didnt know why Zayn lashed out like that for me, it scared me but he cared.

"hey cherry, sorry you had to see that" zayn said his voice was husky. "Its fine Zayn, but you really didnt have to that" i said, " no i did,tylers a dick" he said laughing. "yeah i know" i said.

We started walking to the office, there was an awkward silence but we kept walking. I dont know why i had to go see the principal i hadnt done anything. We arrived at the office and knocked to go in, Tyler was already sitting a chair. I saw zayns fist tighten wen he saw Tyler, so me being the mature one sat in the middle between the two. Mr Hardy started speaking" I dont know what happened here but i do not tolerate this type of behaviour in my school, Cherry i would like you to tel me what happened"

" well sir" i croaked "umm i went to get a drink from the canteen and when i was walking back Tyler stuck out his foot and i tripped and fell, and then Zayn came over and asked Tyler why he pushed me and then Tyler pushed Zayn and then they started fighting and well yeah thats what happened". Mr Hardy looked very angry then he shouted "Tyler 2 weeks detention, Zayn as for you if theres anymore trouble i am going to have to exclude you but for now you are off the hook, now go take Cherry to the nurse and get also yourselve checked out".

I got up and Zayn followed, when we got out i said "thanks for sticking up for me Zayn"

"no problem babe" he replied back. He called me babe OMG! We walked to the nurses office silently and it was pretty awkward, when we arrived Zayn gave me a hug before he left to go to his next class. I walked into the nurses room and took a seat, i waited about 5 minutes before she called me in. She told me that i was lucky and that its just a bruise and that i could stay with her for the rest of the day.

After school i walked outside to be greeted by my three bestfriends all speaking at the same time.

"OMG Zayn loves you" said Poppy

"What happened after" squeled Imogen

"Guys i dont want to talk about it okay see you later i have to go home" i said.

I started walking home and got home faster than usual and jumped into my bed. I was pretty shaken up about the day and just wanted to rest. I too my laptop out and went on Facebook where i had 10 messages. Some were from people asking if i was okay and the others were imogen, poppy or ashley apart from 2 others one from Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. Harrys was basically him asking how i was but Zayns was his number and "text me;)"! OMG! I quickly grabbed my phone and chipped in his number and texted

Hey its Cherry :)xoxo

Hi Babe xxxx

How are you?xoxo

Im good baby, so i was wondering if you wanted to come to Matts Party on satuarday? If you want ;) xxxxx

Um sure, my friends are going so will i see you there? ;)xoxoxo

No baby i want to pick you up so i can show you off and wear something hot if thats alright ;)xxxxxxx

Cheeky haha, and okay what time?xoxoxo

7 at yours, see you then babe xxxxxxx

Okay sure thing see ya then xoxoxo

I cant believe that Zayn is taking me i cant wait! Im gonna go shopping on friday with the girls! I cant wait to tell them!


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