Never fall for a bad boy

I was your odinary, fun, bubbly type of girl. I was friends with the most poplar girl in school and i always had friends around me, you could say i was pretty popular myself. The boys thought i was pretty and i had dated some but then one day i caught his eye and he would go to all lengths for me to love him...

The boys in this are not famous and have diffrent sides to them.


1. Chapter 1

I woke up just like any other day. I got out from my bed and looked at myself in the mirror. I was skinny but not the type where your bones stick out. I was ideal. For waking up in the morning i looked pretty good but i still decided to take a shower. I skipped to my ensuite, my parents were rich and i got pretty much what i wanted but i wasnt a spoilt brat. Before i hopped into the shower i turned on the radio and "i knew you were trouble" was playing. i popped into the shower and washed my long blonde hair. While i washed i hummed the songs on the radio. After i was out i dabbed my hiar and put it into a turban and wrapped my body into a towel. I went back to my room and opened my walk in wardrobe. I had been shopping at the weekend and i had picked up some amazing stuff. Since it was the strat of spring and it was warm outside i picked a white flowery lace dress from hollister and my jean jacket. i grabbed my white converse aswell. I put the outfit on and started on my hair. It only takes 10 minutes to blow dry so it was done pretty fast. My hair was in its natural waves down my back. I dabbed some foundation on and my mascara and i was good to go. I skipped down stairs and was greeted by my parents and breakfast.

"Hello Poppet" my dad said (its his nickname for me)

"Hello papa" i replied and gave him a peck on the cheek. For breakfast it was waffles, strawberries and cream. Yum my favourite. After i was finished i kissed both my parents and left my house.

The walk to school wasnt very long and i got there in 15 minutes. as i waked into the school my 3 bestfreinds came running over screaming my name "CHERYYYYYYYYY, GUESS WHAT".

"Hi whats up" i replied wondering what all the fuss was about,"We are a having a prom at the end of the year" said Ashley the most popular girl in the whole school and my best friend. Imogen and Poppy both nodded their heads very fast. "aw wow thats amazing" i replied. Just after i had said that the 5 most popular boys walked past us Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and ofcourse Zayn. They were two years older than us. We were 15 and they were all 17. As they walked past they smiled at us but Zayn caught my eye he stared into my eyes, smirked then walked on. Lets just say they were all hot but i have never been lucky enough to date one of them. My friends squeled every time they walked past but i always kept my cool. The bell rang and it was finally time for class. As i was walking to science the were the usual "hey Cherry" or "whats up Cherry" , as always i would just smile. I got to class and it went pretty fast and before i knew it it was lunch time!

I got to the lunch hall and took a seat and our usual table and waited for Ashley, Poppy and Imogen. they arrived after 10 minutes and they all sat down. We chatted for another 15 minutes when i decided i needed a drink, i got up and walked to the counter and got some apple juice. As i was walking back my ex boyfriend who was on the footbal team stuck out his foot causing me to trip and fall. As i hit the ground i hit my arm. Great. I tried to get up but my arm was too sore. Then Zayn walked over with Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis. Zayn looked very angry. He walked over to Tyler (my ex boyfriend) anf Tyler stood up.

"why did you trip her up yu arsehole" hissed Zayn clearly very angry.

"whats it you malik" Tyler replied back laughimg. Tyler and Zayn are in the same year. Niall walked over to me and helped meup and put his arm around me protectively. Zayn was now shotuing very loud at Tyler and Tyler was shouting back. Then Tyler pushed Zayn making Zayn tumble backwards. That was the final straw for Zayn, he lost it. They were both throwing punches at each other, it lasted for about a minute till the principal came walking in and broke it up.

"WHAT IS GOING ON" shouted MR Hardy the principal, "Wait i dont want to know, Tyler Days, Zayn Malik and Cherry Barker my office NOW" he shouted again. I went back to my table amd grabbed my bag and walked with my head down to the principals office.

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