The Vampire.

Vampires are fake, right? Wrong. A vampire constantly follows me; but once I see the light, the darkness gets a bit more swallowed. But the dark always exists there; and with dark, comes trouble. I'm still scared to death, of course. I'm not going to fall in love with a vampire..or I'll try not to. I love him. I know I do. I think I do. I guess I do. He still scares me. And with love, comes struggle. Leading up to love? That's even worse. Vampire or not, I love him. "I'm trouble." "I know."


14. Chapter Ten.

“I sort have, May have, told him I’d go on a date with him if he let me go.” I say quickly.
“WHAT?!” They both shout in unison, standing up.
“I’m sorry, but I needed to get out of there.”
“But come on, a date?! He’s crazy!” Fran screams.
“He’s not as bad as you all think. And I have a date with him tomorrow at 6, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bed anyway.” I get up, and push Heather over, who’s frozen in place.

(5:30 o’clock, Next night)

I quickly put my pink dress on, and throw on my wedges. I let my hair natural. I grab my purse, and throw my cell in it. I slowly walk downstairs, and get to the bottom. I walk over to the sofa, and sit down on it.
“I don’t approve of this..” Heather says as she paces around the room. There’s a knock on the door. Heather runs over to the door before I can even stand up, and flings it open.
“Oh, It’s Harry..” She says. I scoff, and roll my eyes.
“Move.” I say, pushing her over.
“You call me if you need anything, you get me?”
“Geez, I get you.” I step out of the house, and shut the door behind me.
“Ready to go?” Harry asks. I nod, and he interlocks our arms. Okay, so maybe he’s sweet. He opens my door, and helps me get in. Maybe very sweet. He drives to a restaurant, and helps me get out of the car. We walk into the place; wow, it’s nice.
“Reservation for Styles.” He tells the woman.
“Is this your girlfriend? You’re so cute together!” She compliments.
“Thanks.” I mumble. She smiles, and grabs the menu, leading us to a table. Soon a waitress comes over, and takes our orders. In 20 minutes time, she comes back with the meals and sets them in front of us. I eat slowly, just listening to the sound of..silence.
“Why are you so scared of me?” Harry cuts into the silence.
“I don’t know, maybe because you’ve been stalking me since I was 16. You’re 18.”
“19.” He corrects.
“Whatever, that’s besides the point.”
“I’m not going to hurt you. It’s the truth that I won’t, you know.”
“It’s just, I’m so scared of you. Nothing you do shows me you love me. Every kiss is filled with hunger, it’s never love or anything. You’re so intimidating, I’m afraid to walk remotely close to you. But at the same time, you draw me in. I love the way you look, act, and just..everything. You’re very intriguing.” I say. He nods, as if understanding what I had just told him.
“You know why I started stalking you? Because, I saw you one day. One day. And I had to know who you were. Vampires don’t usually approach the human they’re after, but you drew me in. I don’t want to scare you; that’s the last thing I’d wanna do. I love you, and that’s from the bottom of my heart.” He replies.
“I-I think I love you too.” I stutter over my words. He smiles, and leans over the table.
“I knew you did.” He presses his lips onto mine.


A/N; Short and sucky. BUT YOU GOT A CHAPTER. ^-^-Caelyn.

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