The Vampire.

Vampires are fake, right? Wrong. A vampire constantly follows me; but once I see the light, the darkness gets a bit more swallowed. But the dark always exists there; and with dark, comes trouble. I'm still scared to death, of course. I'm not going to fall in love with a vampire..or I'll try not to. I love him. I know I do. I think I do. I guess I do. He still scares me. And with love, comes struggle. Leading up to love? That's even worse. Vampire or not, I love him. "I'm trouble." "I know."


9. Chapter Eight.

“Wakeeee upp.” Heather shouts, shaking me. I groan, and push her hands away, sitting up on the sofa. Right, I fell asleep here.
“Please tell me those are fake fangs.” She says. I raise my eyebrows, and poke my teeth. I geel the sharpness hit my fingers.
“Nah, your douche brother changed me into a vampire.” I say, yawning and stretching. I push past Heather, and walk to the bathroom. I hop into the shower, and get out about 20 minutes later. I pick out my outfit; a white short sleeve shirt, with light blue skinny jeans and a pair of grey boots. I put my curls into a messy bun. I walk into the living room, and sit down on the sofa.
“Who’s that guy?” I ask Heather, pointing to the guy who’s sitting next to her.
“My boyfriend, Taylor.” She glances at her watch.
“Fran! We need to go to the grocery store!” She shouts. Fran comes running out of her bedroom, and into the living room.
“Can I come?” I ask. Heather shakes her head no. I stick out my bottom lip and pout.
“How come?” I ask her.
“As a newborn vampire, you have no control over your fangs. They’ll go up when they want, and they’ll come down when they want. So, you’re staying here with Taylor.” She says. She pulls her jacket on, and Fran mimics her actions.
“Behave, I guess.” She says. She opens the front door, and slams it behind her.
“I’m taking a nap. Don’t screw with my stuff, or I’ll screw up your face.” I say, laying back on the sofa and closing my eyes.


I wake up to soft, whispering voices.
“I’m her boyfriend.” The person outside says.
“Really? Reallyyy?” Taylor questions.
“Yes.” The person says.
“Come in. I’m going to the bathroom.” He says.
Everything goes black.


I wake up in a dark room, tied to a chair.
“You’re awake.” Someone says from behind me. I jump. All of the lights flicker on. I see it. Harry.
“You kidnapped me?! Again?!” I scream. He nods.
“Will you ever understand, that I don’t like you?” I ask.
“Maybe you just make yourself think you don’t, so you can avoid you. Maybe, you just don’t want to like me, because I’m not perfectly pure.” He says. I shrug my shoulders.
“Maybe. But, I still don’t like you.” I say.
“Hmm..Why don’t we call Heather.” He says taking his phone out. He puts the phone on speaker.
“Hello?” I hear Heather ask from the other end of the phone. Harry snickers.
“Maybe you shouldn’t leave your best friend at home alone with your gullible boyfriend. That wasn’t the best choice of your day.” He says.
“YOU HAVE CAELYN?!” I hear Heather and Fran scream at the same time.
“Sure do.” He says.
“Why would you kidnap her?! Is there even a point to that?!” It’s Fran now. And she doesn’t sound very happy.
“Maybe she’ll like me.” He says.
“Not if you scare her!” Fran is practically screaming now.
“I WANT HER BACK!” There’s the breaking point.
“Well, I don’t know if I can do that love. You see, I wanted her to be a vampire. I got that. But now, I want her to be mine. And until that happens..I have the right mind to just keep her here..” He trails off. I can hear the tears in Heather’s voice as she speaks.
“Keep her, then. But we will find you two. I’ll find you Caelyn!” She shouts.
“Okay, Heather! I’ll be waiting for you!” I shout. He hangs up the phone.
“Now, what to do with you..” He comes over to me.

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