The Vampire.

Vampires are fake, right? Wrong. A vampire constantly follows me; but once I see the light, the darkness gets a bit more swallowed. But the dark always exists there; and with dark, comes trouble. I'm still scared to death, of course. I'm not going to fall in love with a vampire..or I'll try not to. I love him. I know I do. I think I do. I guess I do. He still scares me. And with love, comes struggle. Leading up to love? That's even worse. Vampire or not, I love him. "I'm trouble." "I know."


17. A/N (You really gotta read this)

So I didn't expect anyone would make me a trailer.

Anywho, I may be able to update tonight, but I don't know.

My laptop's being a bit wonky. 

So it's hard to do most things.

But I might be able to.

So just telling you in case I can't.


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