Roseanne (Ronnie) Kingsbury has just started her new school. But unfortunately hates her teacher, Mrs.Doodle. She becomes a big character to the school, with a bad reputation and background. Ronnie then becomes an arch enemy to Mac Jonasson, the well-off teachers pet. But can they put the past behind them??

Throughout the story, Mrs.Doodle celebrates her 55th birthday with her husband but receives horrible news. She has a tumor. Needing help, Ronnie doesn't know what to do. Should she help a life worth living?

And there's an anon. person watching Ronnie, a blast-from-the-past maybe??


3. Who Are You?? Where Am I??

Ronnie began slow-walking up the upper-corridor even though she wanted to get out of school so desperately. She wondered who was at the office. Who wanted to take Ronnie out of school so early, and on her first day?

It was a man. A man she'd never seen before. She was panicing, like never before.

Luckily, her mum was there aswell. Ronnie wasn't that pleased that her 'mother' was there but atleast she was more safe. "Come on, you wee scamp" her mother said, jumping up and down.

"You alright there, mum?" Ronnie replied, worrying.

"Aye, come on, we've got stuff to do!" Ronnie's mum wasn't the same. Something was up.


Ronnie jumped in the guy's car, scared. Wondering where she was going and in such a hurry. A nerve buzzed and tingled in Ronnie's brain. Had this been the man who was on the bridge, watching, looking? It was too early to start pointing fingers and accusing people. Ronnie kept it to herself. "Where are we going, mum?" Ronnie asked.

"Somewhere you'll love!" her mother replied happily. "Oh, I haven't mentioned Dave, have I?" Tina (mum) asked back.

"No, you haven't" Ronnie spoke angrily. The conversation was over, until they got to their destination.

Half Way There..

There was a loud chuckiling noise coming from under the car. Ronnie flew her head out of the window and noticed that there was oil droppings, from the back of the outside of the car. She didn't tell them what it was. To be honest, Ronnie didn't exactly know what it what anyway. The car stopped. It had broke down in the middle of the road.


Everyone got out of the car to start pushing but Ronnie refused to get out, until they started to struggle. Soon after, the car had been pushed, by the help of Ronnie, to the other side of the road so that other cars could get past. But other things where on their minds. They were lost!

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