Roseanne (Ronnie) Kingsbury has just started her new school. But unfortunately hates her teacher, Mrs.Doodle. She becomes a big character to the school, with a bad reputation and background. Ronnie then becomes an arch enemy to Mac Jonasson, the well-off teachers pet. But can they put the past behind them??

Throughout the story, Mrs.Doodle celebrates her 55th birthday with her husband but receives horrible news. She has a tumor. Needing help, Ronnie doesn't know what to do. Should she help a life worth living?

And there's an anon. person watching Ronnie, a blast-from-the-past maybe??


1. New School.

Ronnie woke up and stared at the bare window of her bedroom. Monday. She rolled off the mattress, on her bed,  and crashed to the floorboards without a scream. With her eyes half open, she rose-up and walked to the door where her mum appeared with a smirk. "M-m-m-morning Ron, you're starting school to-today".

She finished just before falling face-first into the mattress.
Drink!, Ronnie thought with disgrace and embarrassment. She could only guess what school it was, Gwasdale Primary School, the local.  Ronnie got changed and wandered into her living room to fetch her bag and 'new' school blazer.


The sun shined bright in Ronnie's face. All the children around her avenue where darting towards the school, just before the bell.

Ronnie just posed there. In one position. Waiting.

She wanted to be late, but why? She knew that something, someone would know where she was. She knew someone was watching her.




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