Roseanne (Ronnie) Kingsbury has just started her new school. But unfortunately hates her teacher, Mrs.Doodle. She becomes a big character to the school, with a bad reputation and background. Ronnie then becomes an arch enemy to Mac Jonasson, the well-off teachers pet. But can they put the past behind them??

Throughout the story, Mrs.Doodle celebrates her 55th birthday with her husband but receives horrible news. She has a tumor. Needing help, Ronnie doesn't know what to do. Should she help a life worth living?

And there's an anon. person watching Ronnie, a blast-from-the-past maybe??


2. Mac Jonasson.

The school bell buzzed even louder this morning. Every class lined up as usual before Mr. Bateman (head teacher) came plodding out to make an announcement. "There has been a discussion with the School Board. Throughout this month there will be five children chosen for this years' trip" he carried on. "And this year it's to America's own, Super Adventure Land!" Ronnie was already disinterested, even if it was to a Fun Fair. She just strolled over to the two gaping doors towards the start of the school, Ronnie flung her bag onto the corner of the floor. Her name was called out, loudly.


"Roseanne Kingsbury, repeat what I just spoken" he asked, sarcastically, hoping to catch her out. "Oh, something bout' this year's trip to a fun fair" she said back to him, not really bothering. Before Mr. Bateman carry on, the teachers came out to get their classes. Ronnie knew she hated her teacher as soon as she lay eyes on her, happiness. Happiness was the word that Ronnie hated, so she decided to not like Mrs. Doodle. The name aswell. What a name!, Ronnie said to herself, quietly.

Five Minutes Later..

Mrs. Doodle started to sing a morning song. Slightly catchy, but extremely annoying!


Ronnie sat down in her seat. English was first this morning and Ronnie despised English. "Who would like to hand out the jotters?" Mrs. Doodle asked. Mac's hand swung into the air like a salmon springing out of Spring waters. He was always known for the 'Teacher's Pet' by most of the class. As once a month there would either be chocolate or flowers which you couldn't miss when you walked into the room.

Mac grasped the blue jotters and started to hand them out. "Miss, we've not had English in ages!" Mac pointed out. He paused at the second last book. Mac glanced up, and kept a firm stare at the front of the classroom, an eye burst with tears however they stay put like they where under-command. Bridget Fall, a name, spread over the white label. One of the pearls trickled down his right cheek and fallen of his chin like a mini waterfall. Mac froze. Ronnie wasn't pestering anyone as she would be normally, her instincts where wanting to find out who was on the half-broken bridge, narrow eyeing the school.

A stare was burning through Ronnie's soul like a flame attacking fire. She spun around to find herself faced with Mac covered in tears. He hadn't said anything, yet. "It wasn't my fault! She started it, not me", Ronnie said, sharply.

"You told her to.." He couldn't carry on.

"What? Jump off a bridge, she decided to!!" Ronnie wanted to prove her point.

"Right children! That's enough!" Mrs. Doodle exclaimed. Everyone gazed at Mrs. Doodle, wide mouthed. No-one had EVER heard Mrs. Doodle like that. Luckily, the school secretary knocked at the door with a message. "Roseanne Kingsbury, someone is here for you, bring all your belongings, your going home early".

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