Pay For Loving Him -Liam Payne Love Story-

''Live your dream and never wake up'' that's what he said
"I paint my dreams as simple as that knowing one day i will be in the painting" that's what she said
“I said, "Leave," but all I really want is you
To stand outside my window, throwing pebbles screaming, "I'm in love with you."
Wait there in the pouring' rain, Come back for more.
And don't you leave, 'cause I know all I need is on the other side of the door.”
“Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. I hope you use yours for good, because the only words you'll regret more than the ones left unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone.”
Just promise you wont brake me -Alli Black
i wont -Liam payne


4. Chapter Four

I put on my best smile and tried to be as polite as possible 

"Hey Liam I'm Alli "I told him smiling shaking his stretched hand 

"Alli--"he trailed of

"Just Alli for now"I told him genuinely 

"So do I know you I don't know you seem familiar but I can't quiet put my finger on it?"I asked him confused I'm sure I saw him before but I can't remember where

"Nop just an average guy"Liam told me smiling nervously

  Okay something going on but I don't wanna be rude but that doesn't mean I won't find out later thought The bell rang when I suddenly remembered that it was my turn to pick up food today shoot 

"Shoot Liam I have to go but it was lovely meeting you though"I told him in a rush and ran

I think he said something but I was too far and couldn't hear what he said  I went to Nando's I mean come on who doesn't love Nando's I ordered something for everyone while I ordered for my self half of the menu the perks of never gaining weight plus I love food way to much to give it up to look like something from a magazine  cover

I received my order when I pumped into something hard Me and that hard thing feel on the ground

"Ow"the person I knocked down with me groaned

while I hurriedly rushed to his side to find him covered in every single thing that was on his plate 

"I am really sorry please let me get you another meal and umm what happened to be a shirt"I told him in a panic mode

"It's fine really nothing I can't handle ..I'm Niall and you are ?"he asked me 

Well he seemed nice and his Irish accent made me know he want form here either

"Hello Niall I'm Alli"I told him while nodding 

"Hey Nialler what's going on"Someone called from behind him I looked and saw Liam from earlier  Everywhere I go everyone seemed to be there awkward 

"What's going on ..oh hey Alli"Liam told me 

I titled my head like a lost puppy  "Hey Liam so I'm guessing you know Niall " I asked Liam

Niall laughed his adorable laugh and asked confused as hell

"you don't know who we are do you?" "No should I ?"I replied slightly embarrassed 

 "No we are just regular guys coming I attend college ..regular right Nialler "Liam laughed nervously

while he put his hand on Niall's mouth and shushed him Okay something is definitely going on in here and I will find it one way or another

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