Only One Question..

Jaydan and her sister Bailey are NOTHING alike, but suprisingly are the bestest friends. The only thing they have in common is there favorite band..One Direction..Neither of them or there family have enough money to but any tickets until one day, that changes there life forever. Just one litle thing that makes everything more meaningfull.


1. Normal Life For Jay and Baily..

Baily's POV

Me and Jay were coming home from a fabulous day at school. I know, I know, school is horrible right? Well to me, it amazing! Why? Well, there is no one more popular than me. I am not that little bitchy twat that everyone thinks popular girls are, I am just popular i guess..

Jaydan's POV

Me and Baily were coming home from a pretty good day at school i guess, and before you ask, no, i am not popular like my sister. But im not a nerd either! i guess im stuck in the middle. I am not the kindest kid in school...i get usually B's and C's...Baily on the other hand gets straight A's every. single. time! She has never even been to the principles office! Unless its to show some kid around or something like that..i have been MANY,MANY times. Anyway, on to reality..

I climbed up the steps and ran into our house. '' MOM!!! WERE HOME!!!! '' i into the kitchen. I plopped myself on the couch and put my feet on the coffee table. '' Move your feet Jay!! '' Baily said raising her eyebrows at me. I smirked and moved my legs off the table. Yes, she calls me Jay. Everyone calls me that!! '' you gonna show mom what you did this time Jay? '' she asked while taking her stuff out of her backpack. '' show mom what?!? '' i heard mom say behind us. '' ummmmm..'' i said looking at her, red in the face. '' whoops..sorry Jay..your on your own '' Baily said getting up from the couch and darting her way up stairs. stuck and mom is in her bitchy mood..

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