Only One Question..

Jaydan and her sister Bailey are NOTHING alike, but suprisingly are the bestest friends. The only thing they have in common is there favorite band..One Direction..Neither of them or there family have enough money to but any tickets until one day, that changes there life forever. Just one litle thing that makes everything more meaningfull.


2. Bad News..

'' JAYDAN MARIE EDWARDS! YOU WHAT?!? '' My mom said screaming in my face..i mean what i did wanst that bad! i mean i just simply..grabbed a kid by the collar of his shirt, pushed him against the locker, punched him across the face, kneed him in the area, then sorta soved him in his own locker...and then kinda ditched..every single big deal! right? who am i kidding im dead...'' YOU ARE GROUNDED!!! FROM THE TV, YOUR LAPTOP, YOUR IPOD, YOUR FRIENDS WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO COME OVER, AND IM TAKING AWAY YOUR PHONE! GIVE ME EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE THAT I JUST NAMED! NOW! '' she said pointing up the stairs '' i cant give you my friends mum '' i said '' I DONT CARE GET ME THE OTHER STUFF! '' she screamed..i walked up the stairs and ran in my room '' and get everything i just named blah! ' i said imatating our mother '' oh your just upset because you got grounded! haha! '' Baily said laying on her bed on her side of the room. '' oh sush it! ' i said grabbing everything mum told me too. i ran downstairs and gave my mother everything. I got a txt right then and there. '' check and reply but thats it. '' my mum said glaring at me. I grabbed my phone and checked.

Alex<3 : Hey are we stilling going to the skate park? please? ive been dieing to see you all day! please babe?

me : cant got grounded cant be on my phone but i will try and get out of the house promise love you xx

I sadly put my phone back in the pile of electronics..ill miss my babys..I ran back upstairs and fell to my knees..i was laying on the floor now face into the carpet. I looked as if i was dead but i wasnt obviously. '' Get up Jay..its just for a little while '' I heard Baily say '' go wayway ilm dead... '' i said into the carpet '' No get your fat lazy ass up! '' she said again '' ..nooo..'' i said again '' fine have it your way- '' she grabbed my feet and dragged me in the room ''-here we go! '' i clinged to the carpet '' HELP!! '' I screamed '' RAPE!! RAPE!! '' i screamed again '' oh sure '' she said and locked the door '' SHES GONNA RAPE ME! '' i screamed '' and how will i do that? '' she asked sitting on her bed and throwing her phone at me '' have it for now '' she said and grabbed her laptop. '' really? OMG I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU! '' i said jumping off my bed and hugging her '' THANK YOU GOD! '' i said looking at the ceiling '' NOW I CAN GO PEE!! '' I said running to the bathroom.


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