Lately I've been having huge emotional dips, for unknown reasons, so this is just a place to get some of that out, in the form of poetry. I can't guarantee this'll be any good, but bear with me. I'll probably write most of this to music. This'll be a random mix of emotions, and I'll just write as I think, so not much time has been spent on these.


3. Pointless

Everything just seems a bit pointless,

To me right now.


We're all going to die eventually,

Along with all our family and friends.

All our possessions will be lost,

Nothing will remain.


We will be forgotten.


So why spend your time

Stressing about everything? 

If you don't get a boyfriend,

In 200 years people aren't going to care.


Why have the ups and downs?

Why be sad when someone dies,

It's not like it will help anything.

Why laugh when you're happy,

It won't make you any happier.


Friends will move on,

Family will forget,

So why spend so much of your life thinking about them?


You are the only important

Thing to yourself.

So make sure that you're happy,

Before you worry about other people.

It's your life.

Don't make theirs a misery,

But make sure that you enjoy yours.


Because if you don't,

Then what remains?

People will forget, 

Your life will seem pointless,

So make sure that you make it a good one.






Drag out every moment.


Do whatever you enjoy.


In the end,

You're the only one that will remember your life.


Make it brilliant.

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