Lately I've been having huge emotional dips, for unknown reasons, so this is just a place to get some of that out, in the form of poetry. I can't guarantee this'll be any good, but bear with me. I'll probably write most of this to music. This'll be a random mix of emotions, and I'll just write as I think, so not much time has been spent on these.


4. Jealousy

A sin,

People say,

It is to be envious of others.

Or to get possessive,

Which is also wrong



It's just so difficult not to though.


When you've been friends with someone for so long,

Been there through good and bad,

Laughed many a time.

Maybe even cried once or twice

And then they like someone better than you,

Who they've only known for a month or two.


Your first question is

Did I do something wrong?

It has to be my fault.

Who else's can it be?

Was I just too boring?

Have I become mean?


Then you scour your memory for something you did wrong,

Maybe something you said,

A text you ignored,

Money you forgot to pay back.


But nothing comes up.

Nothing so serious that they would leave you.


So the only conclusion is that they like the other person more,

It's nothing to do with you.

They're just a nicer person.



A better friend to them.


Which is so



difficult to hear.


When you've tried the hardest you can

To be the best friend ever.

Apologised for anything you did wrong,

Listened to the same music as them so you'd have something to talk about,

Bought them sweets

And talked to them till Midnight on their birthday.


You just don't want to hear it or accept it.

But you have to

Try and forget and move on.


After you've given them so much of your time,

Your energy

And even your emotions.

To find out that it was all for nothing.

That anybody can just waltz in and take your place.


Knowing that you're so easily replaceable, 

Without barely a goodbye or how-do-you-do?


Just kills you.



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