Lately I've been having huge emotional dips, for unknown reasons, so this is just a place to get some of that out, in the form of poetry. I can't guarantee this'll be any good, but bear with me. I'll probably write most of this to music. This'll be a random mix of emotions, and I'll just write as I think, so not much time has been spent on these.


2. Darkness

People will say,

That you can't have darkness without light.


Then why can't it be light all the time?


Why scare children,

Leave people sightless,

When it could all be avoided?


It just seems a bit pointless to me.


Darkness is strange, anyway.

It can flex and fold,

Change itself,

Mould to your nightmares.


It can hold strangers,




It is the lack of everything.

Except your imagination.

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