Lately I've been having huge emotional dips, for unknown reasons, so this is just a place to get some of that out, in the form of poetry. I can't guarantee this'll be any good, but bear with me. I'll probably write most of this to music. This'll be a random mix of emotions, and I'll just write as I think, so not much time has been spent on these.


1. Religion

Why spend your time

Praying to a deity who doesn't care?


Wars happen,

People die,

And darkness closes in.


If we were all created

By you,

Then why do you let us die?


Fall to the ground,

Screaming and flailing,

Begging for forgiveness.


What is there to forgive?

What did we do wrong?

Do we deserve this?


I don't think so.


No-one is perfect.

You should know, you created us.

So why should we be punished

For our mistakes?

When our mistakes were caused by



You're leaving us to die,

Letting the blackness close in.

So why should we search for a light,

When you're never going to give us one?


Give up, 

Lose the fight.

It's already over.

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