When Max's best friend of a sister dies,and her mother shuts down,15 year
old Max is left with nowhere to go.Untill she bumps into her celebrity crush
Niall Horan.After touring with him and the rest of the boys and becoming closer,will she finally trust someone other than her sister?Find out in


15. Insanity

I woke up the next morning slowly.I just laid there.Then I heard breathing next to me.'Niall must be awake...'I thought.I opened my eyes and turned around with a smile only to find Louis facing me with his face propped up with his hands.Startled,I jumped."So.What were you doing in Niall's bed last night,hm?"he was nonchalant.I wasn't sure what to say."Uh...I was-""She's my girlfriend!"Niall had come in.He then hugged me and tackled me onto the bed."Morning Max!Did you sleep well?"I laughed."Ew!Get a room!"Louis smirked,and walked out.I looked at Niall.He kissed me."I made breakfast."He said,and guided me to the small kitchen that was in our hotel.There were pancakes with sausage and bacon and orange juice.We sat down to eat."Mmm!Niall this is delicious!"Liam yelled from the other room."Then he should tell you that I made them!"I laughed,and kept eating.


When we were done,we joined the rest of the boys in the living room."So what should we do before the concert boys?And Max."Zayn asked."I say we go shopping."Louis said,and before anyone could object,he was putting his shoes on,and walked out the door."Shopping it is."Liam said,and the boys followed him.Niall stayed with me while I got dressed.I chose a pair of shorts with a tank top and tube top.I picked a matching blue snapback,put on my DC's and me and Niall headed out.He took my hand in his.I smiled up at him.He was a good three inches taller than me,and better looking.He had vibrant,blue eyes with soft blonde hair.I had dull,dark green eyes and long stick straight light brown hair.My bangs came over my forehead in a flat line.Forget volume.It wasn't even frizzy.I was blessed for not having acne,perfect teeth too.Putting all this together,I had no idea how Niall thought I was attractive to any extent.But he was plain perfection.Then he stopped walking."Wha-"He picked me up bridal style and started running down the hallway."Ah!Niall!"We laughed and laughed until we got to the lobby and he put me down.We continued laughing until we noticed the boys right outside the door.They were being mobbed by a small group of fans."Uh oh."Niall said,and we walked toward the insanity.But as soon as I stepped out the door,I was grabbed and pulled away from Niall."Ah!Niall!"What was going on!?

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