When Max's best friend of a sister dies,and her mother shuts down,15 year
old Max is left with nowhere to go.Untill she bumps into her celebrity crush
Niall Horan.After touring with him and the rest of the boys and becoming closer,will she finally trust someone other than her sister?Find out in


1. Desolation

I was alone.Again.Why did this allways happen to me?Why couldn't it happen to my bratty cousin?It's not like she didn't deserve it.But anyway,now I was walking.Not really to anywhere
special.Just...walking.I didn't have anywhere else to go.My sister Lilly died a week ago.I had
lived with her untill then.I tried to move back in with my mother,but she was drunk.As she
had been since my dad died two years ago.I knew she was my mom and all,but she wasn't
a verey good one to begin with.She raised and loved my sister perfectly.But she had never
wanted me to begin with.And when I was finally old enough to understand things and have
hopes and dreams,I fell in love with music and singing.She just hated me even more for that.
So I loved it even more.So when I walked into the local record shop,I bought my faveourite CD.
I had it when I lived with Lilly,but it was lost in the fire along with everything else.'Why did I just
buy this?I should he saveing my money for food.Whats wrong with me-'"Look out!"I hear a car
horn blare,and then I black out.
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