When Max's best friend of a sister dies,and her mother shuts down,15 year
old Max is left with nowhere to go.Untill she bumps into her celebrity crush
Niall Horan.After touring with him and the rest of the boys and becoming closer,will she finally trust someone other than her sister?Find out in


10. Changes

I left the hotel and went to the bus stop.There wasn't any one else there so I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.I thought of my mom.I didn't do that to often,for I didn't like the thought of her...but this was difrent.I was going to break into her house.Well,not break in but close enough.The bus came and i got on.I still had my pass that Lilly had bought me when I first moved in with her.'You're 13.I think you're old enough to be able to go where ever you want now.'she had told me.I knew it was useable.She had renewed it just a week before the fire...

I stood in front of the house of Hell as I called it.I mean,it was no Heaven.I picked up the front mat to find the spare house key that was always there.I opened the door and quietly stepped in.I looked around and expected to see trash and beer bottles everywhere,but instead I saw a couch and love seat with accented pillows."Wha...?"this couldn't be the house I left behind just a week ago.It looked like a livable area.Suddenly I heard footsteps rushing down the stairs.I tried to sneak out the door,but was to slow.

"Max?"It was none other than the devil herself.My life hating,child abusing mother.I slowly turned around to face her." came hom-uh...back."I could tell she didn't know what to say,so I decided to just explain."Yeah.But I'm not staying.I was going to go shopping so I was going to see if I had left any money when I moved out."Her face dropped.She just sighed."Oh.Feel free to check.But I don't think you left anything.Besides a few old report cards,theres nothing of yours here.Here-I'll get you some tea."and beforeI could protest,she was off to the kitchen.

"So.What uh,have you girls been up to lately?"she struggled to find a good way to start a convorsation."Well,not much.But there was a fire in our building and Lilly was the only one who didn't get out in time.How about you?"I asked with maybe a bit to much sarcasm in my voice.Especially for what I had said.She nearly chocked on her tea."Wha-Lilly?Gone?No...Lilly can't be...When was the funeral?"I could tell she was holding back tears."There wasn't one.She just burned.The whole buildings gone."She just looked into her mug."And I suppose you tried to tell me all this last week when you came back?"Wow.She remembered."Yes.I did.I should really be-""Max wait.If Lilly's gone,where have you been staying?"she had sadness in her voice.What was I supposed to say?'Oh I just lived in a park for a week and then ran into a world famous pop star who took me under his wing.No biggy.'

"I ran into an old friend.He's letting me stay with him."I lied.I hated lying.No matter how much I hated a person,I hated lying.She stood up."Oh.Well,do you mind if maybe I went shopping with you?I'll buy you whatever you need."she had a hopeful look on her face.'C'mon Max.Can't you tell she's trying?I mean,she's standing on her own two feet for gods sake.'I didn't say anything but nodded.She smiled with delight."I'll get my purse and we'll go."and she was up the stairs and back within the minute. "See Max?I've been making changes."she said as we pulled out of the driveway.

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