When Max's best friend of a sister dies,and her mother shuts down,15 year
old Max is left with nowhere to go.Untill she bumps into her celebrity crush
Niall Horan.After touring with him and the rest of the boys and becoming closer,will she finally trust someone other than her sister?Find out in


6. Awkward Kisses And Goodnights

I looked at Niall who was blushing slightly.He also had a big smile on his face.I could only imagine what my face looked like.'Probably a tomato...'I thought.I had never actually kissed a boy,like,on the lips.So I knew I wasn't smileing.He turned to face me."Well come on!We don't have all night ya know."Niall leaned forward and kissed me.It only lasted a second or two,but it wasn't true loves first kiss or some shit like that.It was just a dare.A sweet,sensational dare.I had never had my first kiss,but I had to say,this was well worth it.I smiled and looked at Niall.He had stopped blushing,but I could still feel the heat in my cheeks."That was pathetic.Well,c'mon boys.We better head back.The show must go on!"Louis shouted and headed for the door."Oh yeah.Are you gonna stay here Niall?Or are you coming with us?"Liam asked.I wondered if Niall had told the other boys about why I was here.He couldn't keep it from them forever.I didn't even know how long I planned on staying with him.Surely not forever."Max?Max!"Niall shouted,and waved his hand in my face."You coming or....?"I looked around.I must have zoned out because all the boys were gone."What?"I asked.Niall just smiled."Well,I was going to go to bed.I didn't know if you were gonna watch TV or sleep.Either way is fine."he said,and walked into the bedroom.I had never really enjoyed TV shows.They were all pointless.So i followed him.

I went into the bathroom to change into the oversized shirt he gave me.I laid in the bed opposite from Niall's,closed my eyes,and tried to sleep.But only to be awakened by Niall."Goodnight Max.Sleep tight."he said,in his thick,Irish accent."Night Niall.Hey,did you um...tell the boys why I'm here?It's ok if you did I was jus-"he cut me off."No.I didn't tell them.I said you were just a friend.I figured you'd want to tell them when you were comfortable."I quietly sighed in relief.I didn't want the whole world to know my life story unless I told them.I had always liked it that way."Thank you."I said,but he had already started snoring.

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