When Max's best friend of a sister dies,and her mother shuts down,15 year
old Max is left with nowhere to go.Untill she bumps into her celebrity crush
Niall Horan.After touring with him and the rest of the boys and becoming closer,will she finally trust someone other than her sister?Find out in


8. Alone Time...Again

I had managed to fall back asleep after my night terror,but when i woke up I realized that I was alone.I looked over to Niall's bed and it was empty.'He wouldn't leave me...would he?'I got up to go to the kitchen.Maybe he was getting some breakfast?Nope.The kitchen was empty.I sighed and opened the fridge to find it full of food.From chocolate,to grommet lasagna,there was no empty space in it.I grabbed some bread and shut the door.I made myself some toast and sat to eat,but found a note on the table.

"Max,I had to leave with the boys for our concert.I might not be back until tomorrow.Take this money and buy some clothes and a suite case.Be sure to get a coat,it'll be cold where we're going to be going tomorrow!If you don't spend at least some of this money,ill be angry!go shop!-Niall :)"

Great.He gave me a place to stay now he's giving me money to spend.I open the envelope attached to his note and find 200 dollars inside.'My god!I need some clothes not a new wardrobe...'I decided I would try to stop by my moms house to find at least some extra cash.She usually had some singles floating around the house.I would just have to be quick.She was probably sleeping off a hangover (as usual) but she was a heavy sleeper.

I finished breakfast and changed out of my pajamas so I could head out.When I got to the door,I found another note on the side table next to it.

"Heres a key for when you need to come back in.If the lady in the lobby asks who you are,just say you're with me and she probably wont ask anymore questions.And I'll also be taking you to get a cell phone when I come back so have an idea in mind of what you want.-Niall :)"

Oh good.More money being spent on me.And people noticing I'm here.Well,at least I'd be getting some alone time.

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