Everything about you.

Being the younger sister of Matt Cardle (winner of X factor 2010) is great for Emma. Especially getting so close to all the other contestants. When the finalists of the X factor bring there families on holiday in California. Will Emma fall for Harry Styles from one direction? Or will it all end in heart break?


2. Chapter two.

Emma's POV:
Dani stood up to make a speech. "I'm so proud of Matt. He worked so hard for this. And well done to Rebecca and one direction. You guys are amazing. As a treat, I'm gonna give the tree finalists a holiday. With their families. All in my villa in California. For the whole summer since I'm going to New York with my family. What d'you guys think? Wanna go to California for the summer?" She said with a grin on her face. Omg. California for the whole summer? Ahh! With my family and friends! Omg! How can anyone say no? "Yess!!!" Everyone shouted running up to Dani giving her a hug and thanking her.
Harry's POV:
A whole summer in California! Wow' with my family and friends. This was going to be amazing. After a few hours everyone was drunk. From all the celebrating. I was disappointed that me and the boys didn't win. But 3rd is still amazing. I'm happy for Matt too. He's a great mate. "I am so excited for the summer!" Emma said to me with a huge smile. "Me too!" I replied. "It's gonna be so much fun.

Authors note:
Sorry for the short chapter guys. I couldn't really think of something exciting for this one. But the holiday is coming up soon. So they'd be much more exciting stuff happening :) x hope you guys like my story so far :D give me your feedback:) it would mean a lot! Feel free to favourite my book please) x thanks :)
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