Everything about you.

Being the younger sister of Matt Cardle (winner of X factor 2010) is great for Emma. Especially getting so close to all the other contestants. When the finalists of the X factor bring there families on holiday in California. Will Emma fall for Harry Styles from one direction? Or will it all end in heart break?


3. Chapter three.

5 months Later:
Emma's POV:
Only 2 more days till the holiday. Can't wait. I don't know how we're all gonna fit in the house. Unless its a super sized mansion. It probably is considering its Dani's. Matt, me, mum and dad are going from Matts side. Rebecca and her sister Emily is coming. Harry's sister Gemma, and his mum are coming. Louis is bringing his mum, dad and 4 sisters. Liam is bringing his sister and his mum. And Zayn is bringing his mum. Niall is bringing is brother. I know! That's so much! How will we fit? It's gonna be mayhem living together for the whole summer. "Hey Matt? How are we all gonna fit in Dani's villa?" I asked him. "It's way bigger than a villa. It's has so many rooms!" He said. "Like apartments?" I asked him. "Yup! Sorta. It's huge anyway. It will fit us all don't worry!" He said with a smile. This is gonna be some holiday.

***2 days later***
Emma's POV:
Yay! It's the day we're leaving! To got on holiday. I have like 3 suitcases. I know a lot! But the third one is small. We all decide to leave with our families. It would be easier. For us all to meet at the villa. Our taxi beeped from outside. That was our queue to leave. "Excited?" Matt asked me. "You have no idea! Oh and thanks for takin me with you! Your the best big brother ever!" I smiled. "I'm your only big brother!" He said. "Way to spoil the moment!" I said laughing.
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