Everything about you.

Being the younger sister of Matt Cardle (winner of X factor 2010) is great for Emma. Especially getting so close to all the other contestants. When the finalists of the X factor bring there families on holiday in California. Will Emma fall for Harry Styles from one direction? Or will it all end in heart break?


1. Chapter one.

Emma's POV:
"And the winner of the X factor 2010 is...." Dermot said as the whole stadium was full of silence. "MATT CARDLE!" He shouted! We all ran up to Matt giving him a huge hug. I'm so proud of my big brother. The music came on and he started singing 'when we collide' it must of been hard for him to sing since everyone was jumping around him. Not the fans. Just the family and the contestants and of course Dani (his mentor)
After all the screaming, cheering and shouting we all went back to the X factor house to have a party. Just all the contestants and the families. It was so much fun. "Congrats big bro!" I said to Matt. I didn't get to congratulate him in person with all the others. "Thanks little sis!" He replied back to me giving me a bear hug. "Aww! Brother and sister love!" Shouted Louis Tomlinson. He had to be the most hilarious guy I ever met. He is so funny. And so caring too. He has an obsession of carrots too. Haha. "Where's all the pizza" Niall Horan said coming into the kitchen looking disappointed. "Gone!" I said laughing at him as he looked sad. He then got the phone and ordered some more. Man. He loved food. He was so funny too. And a great friend. "Niall..you've had enough pizza tonight" Liam said to Niall. Niall just laughed and carried on. Liam was so nice. Very sensetive but very caring. He was the sensible one too. Haha. Zayn then walked in fixing his hair. He was vain. Hah. Zayn is vain. He's a really nice guy though. Very mysterious too. "Hey guys" Harry said walking in grabbing a beer. Harry is known as 'the flirt' because he flirts with every girl he sees. He's a nice guy though. He's always up for a laugh. Rebecca then walked in. She became a really close friend of mine since Matt auditioned. She was so nice. Everyone in the house were all great friends.
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