Imagines and Preferences

This is a collection of imagines and preferences about One Direction! If you have any ideas for an imagine or preference, comment and tell me! I won't be doing personals in this. I'll be inserting (Y/N). Enjoy!!!!!


4. Perference #2

Preference #2

Where He Likes To Kiss You


Louis likes to kiss up your collarbone, planting small wet kisses up it, before reaching your neck and beginning a trail of pecks up it, lightly nipping at the skin. He knows you like feeling his warm breath tickle your neck as he breathes in and out against it.



Liam likes to kiss your lips. The old-fashioned, romantic way. He'll leave sweet kisses across your cheeks as he makes his way to your lips, planting his soft lips on yours. He repeats this action before getting into more mature things. He calls it, ''Preparing you.''



Niall likes to kiss inside your thighs. He placing small kisses up your leg as makes his way farther. He'll massage the other  leg with his other hand. He'll get higher up your leg and look to you for permission on his next move.



Zayn likes to kiss your stomach. He rubs his hand across it, before placing his lips on it. He dabs small, sweet pecks on it as he goes around your entire middle. You feel him occasionally flick his tongue on it, to add to the moment.



Harry likes to kiss you in his favourite spot to be kissed. Under your ear. He kisses up you neck, nipping at your skin as he makes his way to your ear. He whispers sweet and naughty things in you ear, biting at the lobe, before continuing to kiss under it.

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