Imagines and Preferences

This is a collection of imagines and preferences about One Direction! If you have any ideas for an imagine or preference, comment and tell me! I won't be doing personals in this. I'll be inserting (Y/N). Enjoy!!!!!


7. Imagine #3

Imagine #3

His Reaction To Your Pregnancy


''I'll be back.'' You say to Louis, before running to the bathroom. You had a secret. You have been pregnant for a month, but didn't tell him. You run a hand through you hair and splash some cold water on your face. ''I'm ready.'' You whisper, opening the door. You walk to him and sit down. ''Louis. There's something I need to tell you.'' ''What's wrong baby doll?'' he asks, worriedly. You take a deep breath and grab his hand. ''I-I'm pregnant.'' His jaw drops in shock. ''Y-you're what?'' ''I'm pregnant.'' You repeat. His o shaped mouth slowly forms into a smile. ''You're pregnant.'' He kisses you, ''You're pregnant!'' He jumps up, ''I'm gonna be a dad!'' You smile, ''Yes you are.'' he sits back down and places a hand on your stomach. ''I'll be the best dad ever to that baby.''



''Sweetie...what's wrong?'' Liam says, noticing you're out of sorts. ''Well. I do need to tell you something.'' You found out you were pregnant the other day, and were waiting to tell Liam. ''Come here and tell me.'' he says sweetly. You scoot over and sit in his lap. ''Well, the other day, I got big news.'' ''What is it?'' ''I'm gonna have a baby.'' You hear nothing but silence. ''Liam?'' He puts a hand on your stomach. "There's a baby in there? In you?'' You smile and kiss him. He smiles back, ''How far are you?'' ''3 weeks along.'' He moves his hand from your torso to your cheek. ''I'm so happy.'' he says, and you see tears form in his eyes. ''I'm gonna be a dad.''



''Niall, can you come here?'' You call to Niall. He runs in the room, ''What's up?'' ''Um, come sit.'' You say, patting the bed. He obediently sits next to you. ''I'm pregnant.'' he immediately smiles. ''My princess is gonna have a baby!'' He kisses you passionately. ''You're gonna have a baby!'' ''Well, someone's happy.'' He nods, ''I've never been happier. How far are you?'' ''Two months.'' ''Already? You don't look like it.'' You laugh and pull him close again. ''Thank you for being so nice.'' yuo say, as he kisses you again.



You have Zayn sat on the couch, as he anxiously waits for you to answer. ''Boo...what's going on. Please tell me.'' You swallow nervously and take a deep breath. ''Z-Zayn. I'm gonna have a baby.'' ''What.'' he says flat out. You frown and tears roll down your cheeks. ''What's wrong?'' you say in a shaky voice. He sighs, ''My boo is pregnant. I'm a dad.'' you smile when you see him smile. ''I'm 5 weeks.'' you tell him. He hugs you tightly and kisses you multiple times. ''Oh I love you so much!'' he exclaims. Then, freezes. He lifts your shirt and kisses your stomach, ''And you too.'' he whispers.



''Baby, you have to tell me!'' he yells. You had been upset all day, and wouldn't tell him why. Earlier that day, you found out you were pregnant. ''Please.'' he begs quietly, a tear rolling down his cheek. You sigh, ''Harry, listen. I'm pregnant.'' He looks up, ''Y-you're pregnant.'' he says, his voice cracking. You nod quickly and turn away. Suddenly, you fell his arms embrace you. '' You're pregnant.'' he repeats, kissing the top of your head. You feel his hands move to your stomach, and he rubs them over it. ''I-I can't believe it.'' You feel him smiling against the back of your head. ''I'm gonna be a dad.'' He kisses you again. ''Wow.''

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