Imagines and Preferences

This is a collection of imagines and preferences about One Direction! If you have any ideas for an imagine or preference, comment and tell me! I won't be doing personals in this. I'll be inserting (Y/N). Enjoy!!!!!


5. Imagine #2

Imagine #2

Your Honeymoon


For your honeymoon, Louis takes you to Australia. You and him are sat on the beach as the sun is setting. ''It's really pretty.'' You say, admiring the sunset. Louis wraps his arm around you. ''Not as pretty as you.'' You giggle and lay your head on his shoulder. ''But really. You're so beautiful.'' he continues. ''More beautiful than anything in the world.'' You smile as the sun sets beyond the horizon. ''You're not too bad yourself.'' You tell him, kissing his cheek. He returns the favor with a kiss on your lips. He passionately kisses you, pulling you close to him, as you tangle your hands in his hair. You push him into the sand and continue to hotly kiss. ''I love you so much.'' he mutters when his lips finally leave yours.



For your honeymoon, Liam takes you too Mexico. You and him are in your hotel, watching a movie. ''I love this movie.'' You say, as tears roll down your cheeks. Liam pulls you closer, and wraps his strong arms around yours. ''It's very emotional.'' He whispers in your ear. ''I like it.'' You smile and turn to kiss him. ''It's my favorite.'' You tell him. He wipes the tears off your face with his thumb, before kissing you again. You giggle as he plants a trail of small, wet kisses down your neck, all the way to your collarbone. He then goes back to your neck and nips at the skin. before pausing. You feel his warm breath on your neck, and you gaze into his eyes. ''I love you.'' ''I love you too.''



Niall decided to take you to Hawaii for your honeymoon. ''Babe, come on in!'' He called to you, splashing in the ocean water. You make your way across the hot sand and wade into the cool water. You continue walking towards Niall. He swims toward you, popping up in front of you. ''Hey baby.'' He says, planting a kiss on your cheek. He smile and dive underwater. You open your eyes and see Niall beside you. You pull close, and kiss. Then return to the surface, and take a deep breath. ''That was so cool!'' You exclaim, when Niall comes up too. ''So hot!'' He agrees, pulling you close. ''But dry land is safer.'' He scoops you up, carrying you to the sand. He carefully places you on the beach towel, before his lips hover above yours. ''I don't care who's watching. I'm gonna please you.''



Zayn took you to Switzerland for a snow filled honeymoon. ''Ready?'' he asks as you two make your way to the ski lift. You nod and both sit down on a lift. ''It's fun.'' he assures you, since it's your first time skiing. You take his hand in yours. ''I know it'll be fun.'' You say to him. He smiles and the lift stops. ''Three...two...One!'' He drops off and you follow, staying steady. You push yourself up next to him. He turns to you in shock, ''You're a natural!'' You laugh and push ahead. ''Come on!'' He follows, close behind. You near the end of the track. ''I win!'' You shout, as you finish. He raises an eyebrow, as he stops at the end. ''We were racing?'' ''Yes.'' You lay on the ground, and see him lay next to you. ''I love you.'' he passionately kisses you. ''More than anything.''



Harry took you to Paris for a romantic honeymoon. ''Bonjour!'' he says to a man strolling. The man smiles. ''Merci monsieur.'' he says to Harry, before continuing to walk down the street. ''See? He was nice. You just say hi.'' Harry tells you. ''Bonjour!'' he waves to a woman. ''Bonjour!'' she says back. You smile, happy to see your new husband enjoying the honeymoon. ''We're here.'' you say, as you reach the hotel. You head up to your room and take off your shoes. Harry does the same, than follows you to the bedroom. He finds you laying on the bed, eyes closed. He lays down and pulls you to sit on top of him. ''Harry.'' You giggle, as he pulls out your hair elastic, letting your hair flow over your shoulders. He pulls you close, kissing your lips. ''(Y/N).'' he moans, as you run your hands through his curls. You unbutton his shirt, pulling it off, while he pulls off yours. ''I love you.'' he mumbles against your lips. ''So much.''

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