Skylar ( Sky) Rose Payne is the teen sensation Liam Paynes little sister. In LOVE with Harry Styles.

Roxanne (Roxy) Joy James 17 years young and Skylar's BEST FRIEND. Alshas a crush on Louis Tomlinson.

Jaycee (Jay) Dianne Hall 17 years and Skylar's and Roxy's Best friend. Has a Huge crush on sky's brother Liam Payne


11. will you be mine

Harrys pov
Louis said that I should ask her out so here I go..
"Umm skylar can I talk to you"
"Skylarwillyoubemygirlfriend."I said quickly
"I'm sorry what"
"Skylar will you be my girlfriend"
She looked shocked biy soon turned to sadness.:-(
"Im sorry but...
That broke my heart
I would love to be your girlfriend" she smiled.
I looked at her, grabbed her face and kissed her and she kissed back I was the luckiest guy ever.

Skylar pov
I was talking to Liam about the band me and roxy are in when Harry wants to talk to me.
"Im sorry what"
"Skylar will you be my girlfriend"
I was shocked but wanted to prank him soo ..
"I'm sorry but.....
I would love to be your girlfriend"I smiled
He looked happy and ran up to me and kissed me and it was

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