Skylar ( Sky) Rose Payne is the teen sensation Liam Paynes little sister. In LOVE with Harry Styles.

Roxanne (Roxy) Joy James 17 years young and Skylar's BEST FRIEND. Alshas a crush on Louis Tomlinson.

Jaycee (Jay) Dianne Hall 17 years and Skylar's and Roxy's Best friend. Has a Huge crush on sky's brother Liam Payne


1. The Plan

Liam pov
I should be happy its my birthday tomorrow and I should be celebrating but all I do Is mope around the flat because my little sister whom I love to death won't be here. I wonder what the boys are doing.

Harry's pov
"All Liam is doing is walking around the apartment all sad." Said Louis
"Well what are we supposed to do." I said
"Wait didn't he say he missis his sister" Zayn said
We all looked at him and Louis said " your right well lets call her up and fly her down here."
" Hazza you and Liam are the only ones that has her number but since this is a surprise for LIAM.....you'll have to give it to ME!!
"Wait why does Harry have her number" we all looked at Niall.Who just walked in from the kitchen (of course no shocker there)
" Because "Zayn said "they've got a little thing with each other dummy"
"Ohhhh okayyy " then he walked back in to the kitchen.
My thought
Well at least I get to see skylar again:-D

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