Skylar ( Sky) Rose Payne is the teen sensation Liam Paynes little sister. In LOVE with Harry Styles.

Roxanne (Roxy) Joy James 17 years young and Skylar's BEST FRIEND. Alshas a crush on Louis Tomlinson.

Jaycee (Jay) Dianne Hall 17 years and Skylar's and Roxy's Best friend. Has a Huge crush on sky's brother Liam Payne


10. * Sniff sniff*

Louis pov.
I was at home when I got a text from Harry.
From hazza: The girls r here.
To hazza: great bring them home.
From hazza: umm... should I ask sky out.
To hazza: well considering I hav been talkin bout it for EVER yes u should;-).
From hazza: shutup and I will bye boobear.
To hazza: eghh.

*sniff sniff*
My little Harry is all grown up:''')

*Sorry its short*
Byeee lovelies
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