Skylar ( Sky) Rose Payne is the teen sensation Liam Paynes little sister. In LOVE with Harry Styles.

Roxanne (Roxy) Joy James 17 years young and Skylar's BEST FRIEND. Alshas a crush on Louis Tomlinson.

Jaycee (Jay) Dianne Hall 17 years and Skylar's and Roxy's Best friend. Has a Huge crush on sky's brother Liam Payne


12. *flashes*

Harry's pov we continued kissing until we heard flashes.
We broke apart and Liam was dragging me and the girls to the car
Sone fans saw all if us and started yelling things like,"harry I wans your gravy"or " Harry I could be your pussy cat" apparently liam heard them to and he started cracking up.

Liams pov
I was catching up with my sister and she sad her and Roxy was in a band.hmm ill have to ask her about that later. Harry pulled her aside.
I didn't want to be eavesdropping so I wad talking to Jay we were talking abput random things then I saw flashes coming our way .
I turned around and saw Harry and Skylar snogging.
I grabbed all og tuem and then we started running.
I heard " Harry I could be your pussy cat and I started laughing im sure everyone was.
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