What it Feels Like

I decided to write this Movella about some of my past experiences of being bullied. Please Like, Favourite and give me your feedback on whether i should carry on writing or not. I've changed all the names in the movella, so unless you know me really well, you won't know who I'm talking about. Just to let you know, all personal info such as where people live and birthdays and ectcetera are changed to completely random things. Please, no hating! Thanks for reading guys xx Oh, and this Movella starts a couple of years ago.


5. The Discussion

Emily's POV

"So guys, how are we on this fine afternoon then?" I ask. Oh yeah, before i go any further, you probably want to know more about me. Well, I'm fairly small, but not tiny, i have shoulder-length mousy brown hair, brown eyes and i have a sister. That's about it i'm afraid! Now, where were we...

"Ooh, i've got something that is ultra important to discuss peeps!"  Lollie says excitedly.

Let me explain. Our little 'group' aren't your normal, everyday people. Oh no. We are all hyper every minute of every day, and we all have very, well, Unique  personalities. Lollie is the gossip of the group, she could honestly talk the hind leg off a thousand donkeys! Matt is the prankster of the group, but he goes from joking to serious in a millisecond if you ever need to talk to someone who can keep a secret. He comes across very mysterious at first, but when you really get to know him he really opens up. Anything else... Oh yeah, he's also gay. He gets teased a lot, but he just ignores it. Whenever we tease him about it, he just teases us right back! Emma is the smart, academic one, but she's really mischevious but never gets blamed by our teachers for anything, which can be kind of funny, apart from when you're on the recieving end of the punishment! Sadie's the quiet one, but she is really hyper and open around us lot! Emily is the daring, cheeky one of the group, she's always getting into trouble for all the things her and Emma do! She also loves a good gossip. Then there's me! I'm the boring one of the group, though everyone says otherwise. My Best Friend Sadie says i'm really chatty and that i never shut up. I just tell her that me being chatty makes up for her being shy, then we both laugh it off.

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