What it Feels Like

I decided to write this Movella about some of my past experiences of being bullied. Please Like, Favourite and give me your feedback on whether i should carry on writing or not. I've changed all the names in the movella, so unless you know me really well, you won't know who I'm talking about. Just to let you know, all personal info such as where people live and birthdays and ectcetera are changed to completely random things. Please, no hating! Thanks for reading guys xx Oh, and this Movella starts a couple of years ago.


2. Authors Note

Hi guys! Sorry, i know it's short but i haven't had much time to write at the mo, i've had loads to do. I usually HATE Authors notes, so i'll try to make it short. please can u comment and stuff, coz i want to know if u guys like or not.

I know that it isnt very interesting, but like i said in the description, it's based on my past experiences of bullying. I've changed all the names so that no one knows what my bff's names are and the name of anyone else is.

 just a quick thing, i was really inspired to write this by a canadian boy named casey, who was bullied for a while until he retaliated. it's a really inspiring story, unlike this one, but please keep reading anyway.

thanks guys!

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