Is Everything As It Seems

Bellatrix has always been evil, but has that always been the case?
Hermione is Harry Potters best friend and member of the golden trio but what is going on with her on her 16th birthday?
and who Nikki exactly?


1. Is Everything As It Seems?

Is Everything As It Seems?


Disclaimer ~ I do not own Harry Potter, J.K Rowling does, I only own my original characters and my plot line. I wish i did own Harry Potter but that is never going to happen so i'll just have to deal with it. Hope you enjoy reading my story and jjust so you know i am open to constructive feedback just dont be too harsh on me. Also if you do not like my story then dont read it. Thank you.


* Prologue*

Jade Lestrange was in the nursery of her little princesses Bellatrix who is three and Nikki who is one. Bellatrix's magic was strong and started coming through from the age of one and Nikki's is doing the same. Her girls are her life; she doesnt know what she would do without them. It's Nikki's first birthday and jade is waiting for her husband, Patrick Lestrange to return with her present.


Patrick just walked through the doors of Lestrange Mannor and noticed that his wife, Jade was not in the drawing room so he thought she would be in the nursery and he was right. H stood watching his girls, his beautiful wife was humming with a giggling Nikki in her arms  and a happy giggling Bellatrix was on the ground trying to get her sisters attention by playing peek-a-boo. He walked over to Jade and wrapped his arms around her and his little girls.


"How were they today?" Patrick inquired to his wife


"They wre great as always, did you get it?" Jade replied


"Of course dear, it's right here. put Nikki down and she can open her gift" he said


Jade placed a one year old Nikki on the carpet beside her sister and handed Nikki a black rectangular box and watched while she tried to open it. Once it was open Nikki became facinated by the Goblin silver necklace that had a snake on it alongside her initials, N.L, and a bracelet that is of half a heart also with her initials on it, which connects with Bellatrix's.


That night once Jade and Patrick were sure that their girls were asleep they warded thir room and went to bed. However, around 2am everything changed, the wards were breached and Jade and Patrick ran to their girls room. They were just in time to see Albus Dumbledore and Sirius Black holding their little Nikki and apparating away. Patrick and Jade ran over to check on Bellatrix and sure enough she was ok, where as Nikki was not. Jade broke down in tars while Patrick picked up Bellatrix and went to consoul his wife. The Lestrange's tried to find Nikki but with no such luck. The told Bellatrix about her every day as she would always remember her and how much they loved each other.


*15 years later*


( Hermione's P.O.V )


I woke up to the day with can you hear me by Wiley blaring through my docking station at 9:30am, just enough time ti get ready on my birthday, just to end up going back to Hogwarts. Ughhhh i dont want to.... wow that was weird, so not like me. i shoved those thought away and jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom and washed my hair with strawberry scented shampoo and then washed my body with coconut scented bady wash. before getting out of the shower i finished my feminine care and then wrapped my body in a white fluffy cotton towel that was soft against my skin. Once i was dried i went to blow dry my hair so i sat in front of my mirror and looked at the surprising sight in front of me, expecting to see my usual brunette frizzy hair that was untameable but today that was not the case.





by Nikki Stewart

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