a new life with the boys

teagan horan was your average 9 almost 10 year old living in ireland but as you guess niall horan was her brother. but there was a terruble acident and her mom dad and greg are gone. so now she has to live with niall and the boys! you have to read on to discover her adventures!! * i started writing this on my other acccount but i forgot my pass word and i changed the names and stuff so enjoy!* also i got this story idea from steph maliks account! i forget her username and we talked so its all good! so enjoy!


12. the meeting

*nialls pov*

(note : this takes place while tea and the boys plan the surprise) "be good for the boys!" i yell to tea then i get in the car.i turn on the radio on and 'kiss you' comes on the radio. i start smiling and think how proud i am of the boys and my self then i start singing along. before long i made it to simons office." niall come here " simon says to me. when i walk over he engulfs me in a big hug. " im sorry for you and tea" he says "you are always welcomed here. im always here if you need to talk." he says. "thanks simon. so what do you need to talk about" "well we have a signing coming up soon." "when is it?" " this friday at 11 am." "oh ok" " and finally...." simon dragged on" "tour starts in two weeks..." "oohh well can te" "teagan can come but i need you teagan and the boys to come tommorow at 10 to design the tour bus then at noon then rehearse at the O2 arena, we will find something for tegan to do while you rehearse." " ok that sounds good. see ya tommorow." 'bye tell teagan i say hi." "dont worry i will. haha bye" "as i get back into the car my mind starts wondering off to what tea and the boys are doing i hope shes ok with them i mean obvoiusly shes not shy but shes very upset about our parents and greg and really hasnt been herself i mean shes been joking around a lot but shes like me finds everything absoulty funny and is also really hyper all the time. but then before i could continue my thoughts i arrive back home and walk inside. " IM HOMEE!" i yell. i hear some mumbling from the living room and i walk in and see tea and the boys watching gymnastics on tv. haha i feel bad for them whenever you watch gymnastics on tv with tea she always is like pressed against the tv and telling what they did wrong then demonstarting how to do it properly. "hey guys" "hey niall can i talk to you for a minute" harry says "yeah of course" "so i have a date tonight with a girl named serria can you take me to the mall and help me pick out a outfit and a gift for her?" "of course!! let me go tell tea and get my jacket" "i walk into the living room "hey me and harry are going to pick up some clothes do you want anything tea?" nope i got everything i need." she replys with a smirk on her face. i dont think anything of it. "ok then will be back in about 2 hours at the latest." "okayyy byeeee." she says. "bye" i yell. "so where do you wanna shop at?" i ask harry. "lets got to westfield and look there." "okay" i say as i start the car.


authors note! im so sorry ive been so busy latley ive had family visit ive had gymnastics and school i wil update again todsy i think but next week i have the OAA (ohio achievement assiesment ) next week and ive been stressing out aabout that and yeah so iwill update asap! ohh and another thing is im not from the uk im from a small town jn ohiovwith about a population of 1000 people so im not really sure about stores and thing in the uk and stuff. alsoo next chapter we will welcome harrys girlfriend serria !!1 :D enjoy! becca xoxo

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