a new life with the boys

teagan horan was your average 9 almost 10 year old living in ireland but as you guess niall horan was her brother. but there was a terruble acident and her mom dad and greg are gone. so now she has to live with niall and the boys! you have to read on to discover her adventures!! * i started writing this on my other acccount but i forgot my pass word and i changed the names and stuff so enjoy!* also i got this story idea from steph maliks account! i forget her username and we talked so its all good! so enjoy!


3. telling the boys

louis pov:

i woke up at 6 am i had trouble sleeping after yestersday new so i go to the bathroom and start getting ready for my date with eleanor. my phone starts ringing and its niall. i imedeitly call back then i rember what harry said we call him together so i run upstairs and first go into liams room and he is already up and i say "niall called we gotta call back!" and with that he was up and running downstairs then i jump into harrys room. i climb on his bed and i jump on top of him "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!!!!" harry yelled " niall called we gotta call him back!!!" "ok ok im up" and with that he was up. now to zayn "ZAYN GET UP GET UP!!" "what are you doing lou!" "NIALL CALL WE HAVE tO CALL HIM BACK!!! "im coming !!" can i call now?" "sure hurry up and call"


*niall pov*

niall- "hello?" i say in between sniffles

louis- hi nialler whats wrong?

niall-" ....there.. there ..go....gone" i say now im sobbing

zayn - " niall its gonna be ok.. we are here for you" he says. i can hear him crying

niall-" i know but what about teagan, i mean im 19 and living on my own but shes 9 wo still lived with our parents!" i just feel so torn.."

harry- "niall we can stop the band for a while or forever if its best for you and tea."

niall- "stopping the band wont solve anything

liam- "good soo what are you gonna do with tegan "

niall"well we have familyround here but i dont want her living with them i want her with me.. if thats ok with you guys"

liam- "of course she can come! she is part of our family"

niall- that made me crack a small smile "thanks guys i love you 4"

harry- when do you think you will be back?

niall- welll my grand dad said he would take care of the funerals but honestly i dont wanna go i cant go...

zayn- hows tea

niall- she hasnt came out of her room yet she hasnt slept nor have i i still can hear here crying... i say now im crying agian the boys comfort me for atleast 2 hours and then i hear teas door open and she is coming downstairs and i say - ill be back tommorow boys

louis - we cant wait to have you back

boys- bye tell tea we say hi!!!



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