a new life with the boys

teagan horan was your average 9 almost 10 year old living in ireland but as you guess niall horan was her brother. but there was a terruble acident and her mom dad and greg are gone. so now she has to live with niall and the boys! you have to read on to discover her adventures!! * i started writing this on my other acccount but i forgot my pass word and i changed the names and stuff so enjoy!* also i got this story idea from steph maliks account! i forget her username and we talked so its all good! so enjoy!


18. hanging with niall!

teas pov


I just got back from the meeting and me and niall are about to hang out. I put on my nike free runs, skinny jeans and a white and pink long shirt jacket and grab my pink north face jacket. "ready to go? niall ask "yup". "ok so first lets go find you a coach." so we drive to a gym and start to talking to the lady at the front desk. "so my little sister here is a level 10 gymnast and is in need of a coach. but the thing is I am in a band called one direction and were kinda going on a world tour in like a week. would there be any coaches willing enough to join us on the tour and help her train." "well I know one coach who would most likely be willing to help, ill bring him out her to meet you guys." the lady said. "so guys this is gale ackeroman and he is willing to take up the challenge, but right now hes about to go to a staff meeting so I can arrange a meeting for you guys to meet and discuss things." "ok! that sounds great!" then niall gave the lady his phone number and we got to leave. ------ back in the car------ "so where do you wanna go?" niall asks. "can we go to Thorpe park!!" I ask. "yes!! me and Louis went a couple weeks ago its so fun!" niall says. (again im not from London/ England im from ohio in America so idk how close Thorpe park is to London I just googled it) so a little while later we pulled into into the parking lot and got tickets. We started walking around and riding rides we had so much fun! We went on this roller coaster that had loops in it and niall was screaming his head off!! I don't really get scared by that kinda stuff so I was Laughing! The ride had one of those cameras that take your picture and nialls face was priceless! Once I get a Instagram that's defiantly going on there! So we rode a few more ride and went to dinner and we went to this cool Japanese steak house. We started talking about gymnastics and my theatre and my home schooling. I've been homeschooled since I became a level 8 because with my training schedule it's easy we'll easier. "So before we start the tour I want to go visit nonna (that's grandma and yeah) and papa (grandpa). Niall says. "Yeah I haven't seen them on ages" I said picture nonna and papa "what you Skyped them like last night haha" after we ate we went back home and I picked out my Leo and got my bag ready for early gymnastics practice. The lady old me to come to practice at 7 so I set my alarm clock and fall asleep thinking about all the fun I had today! 



Sorry guys I started updating this but I only wrote like half of it by acciendent oops. Haha so anyways I hope you enjoy this chapter I'll update again tonight or tommorow! Toodles!! 

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