a new life with the boys

teagan horan was your average 9 almost 10 year old living in ireland but as you guess niall horan was her brother. but there was a terruble acident and her mom dad and greg are gone. so now she has to live with niall and the boys! you have to read on to discover her adventures!! * i started writing this on my other acccount but i forgot my pass word and i changed the names and stuff so enjoy!* also i got this story idea from steph maliks account! i forget her username and we talked so its all good! so enjoy!


20. first day

nialls pov

its like 6 o clock in the morning and today tea has her first official practice. me being the responsible I am I woke up and made her breakfast because I know how nervous she gets. something a lot of people don't know it tea has anxiety and she really freaks out. so i go into her room and knock on her door and it swings open and she is standing there smiling already dressed and has her hair in a pony tail. i know what your thinking 'i thought she was really nervous?' well remember she is a outstanding actor and she usually gets nervous last minute like when were in the car on our way to the gym. "good morning tea! are you ready for gym?" "yup!" "ok well we will leave at like 6:30 since it takes like 20 minutes to get there. and i made eggs and toast for breakfast!" "ok! thanks niall! ill be down in a minute let me get a jacket and sweat pants and my tennis shoes on"

teas pov

(this was happening when niall was making breakfast and waking up and stuff)

i set my alarm clock for like 5:30 because i want to have time to calm down and stuff. i finally got out if bed at like 5:55 remember im not a morning person. so when i finally get up i pick out my lucky leotard that greg got me for my birthday like 3 years ago. hey it still fits im tiny ok. its green outlined with gold and a sparkly four leaf clover on it. i pull up my hair and put my lucky orange scrunchy in my hair when i hear a knock on my door i open the door and niall was there *skip conversation cuz im to lazy to type it again* after niall left i was thinking why is he acting so strange he never makes me breakfast and stuff. so anyways i pull on a tee shirt niall got me in California its a airbrush shirt and on the front there's a gymnast and it says teagan and cali 2013.

so i put addidas sweat pants on my tennis shoes and my north face jacket and go down to the kitchen.



hey guys sorry i haven't updated in a while but im in the mood to write right now lol so expect a new chapter soon! lol and this is like the 3rd time ive changed it but actually now teagan is going to be 11 lol again it makes more sense for the plot twist.

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