a new life with the boys

teagan horan was your average 9 almost 10 year old living in ireland but as you guess niall horan was her brother. but there was a terruble acident and her mom dad and greg are gone. so now she has to live with niall and the boys! you have to read on to discover her adventures!! * i started writing this on my other acccount but i forgot my pass word and i changed the names and stuff so enjoy!* also i got this story idea from steph maliks account! i forget her username and we talked so its all good! so enjoy!


4. a/n

hi guys i just wanted to say 5 things ok... 1  ok so im at a hotel in florida for a gymnastics meet!! and my team only has 9 people on it (we are a private gym) but anyywayy wee have like the whole floor rented out just for us!! our parents arent aloud to stay with us cuz our coaches see them as a distraction but me and 2 of my team mates are sharing a room!! and we seriuosly need a reality tv show haha we are hilarous!! but right now me and my friend dani (danielle) are sneaking around the hotel and we are in the cafe cuz they have wifi  and internet connection.. lol but our coach wont let us leave the room so we climbed out the fire escape and around the building and snuck into the cafe!!! haha and penny is up in our room sleeping haha we already drew on her face..... wow i get off track easliy!! ok so now 2. 2: so today i left school at lunch because our flight left at 2:30 but anyway i get to the air port and my homeroom was there!! they had signs and banners!! it was so cool!!! 3: i think i just saw my coach..... uh ohh...... oh wait nevermind wasnt her!! ok 4:in the story teagan is going to be a gymnast.... becuase i want her to be....... and finally 5!!! 5!!! i might get 2 updates in today ... stop the applauding i know im great... haha jk jk jk im not like that!!! :))))) well enjoy the story thanks for the veiws and likes!! also im sorry if i spell things wrong..... lol peace homies!!! wow i need help....# awkward ok bye!!!!

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